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					NCCE 2011
Peer Coaching Birds of a Feather Session

1. Dennis Small, Director of Educational Technology, OSPI
Welcome and an overview of today’s session.

2. Betsy Weigle, 4th grade teacher, Adams Elementary, Spokane SD
Betsy is an avid Skyper. She’ll tell us about working closely with an educator in South Carolina to connect
their classrooms. This peer-to-peer communication expands and deepens the learning experience for
students and teachers.

3. Martha Thornburgh, Digital Literacy Specialist, Mount Vernon SD
Martha’s online Digital Literacy Workshop is a rich source of support for tech integration. Today, she
walks us through multi-media mash-ups — how to do them and how to use them in your classroom.

4. Forrest Fisher, ETSC Director, ESD 105 & Peer Coaches from Yakima SD
Forrest and five peer coaches reflect on the journey they’ve made as teachers and mentors since
becoming peer coaches. Meet…Lori Cleveringa, teacher-librarian, Robertson Elementary School, Eric
Franz, district peer coach for middle and high schools, Jennifer Jackson, kindergarten teacher,
Robertson Elementary School, Linda King, teacher-librarian, Wilson Middle School, and Gilma
Okbinoglu, kindergarten teacher, Robertson Elementary School

5. Dennis Small, Next Steps & Resources
Dennis will cover next steps for cadre 3 peer coaches and participating teachers. And, he has the latest
information on the new Teacher-Librarian Peer Coaching Program.
    Peer Coaching for Teacher-Librarians
    A partnership between WLMA and OSPI,
    Educational Technology @OSPI
    Grant opportunities, professional development, free software for K-12 public schools, standards and
    assessments for educational technology and more,
    PD on the assessments for educational technology,
    Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century (TL21) Title IID Grant Program
    Application deadline is Monday, April 11, 2011. TL21 professional development sessions begin
    summer, 2011,
    GIS Software (ESRI)
    Free access to Esri's ArcGIS software — geographic information system (GIS) package, and on Edutopia,
    2011 Microsoft U.S. Innovative Education Forum (IEF) on July 28–29 in Redmond
    The IEF recognizes innovative educators and innovative schools implementing 21-century skills in
    the classroom and the school community with the goal of improving teaching and learning,

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NCCE 2011
Peer Coaching Birds of a Feather Session
Our Presenters
Betsy Weigle (wy-gull) is a 4th-grade teacher from Spokane, Washington. Involved with tech
integration at the district level, Betsy enjoys the challenge of what she calls teaching to the future —
learning about and using new technologies in her classroom to enrich learning. Contact Betsy,
        The possibilities are endless! I use Skype to engage and challenge my students as they build
        presentations and conduct research. My students have gathered information from peers in other
        states about Native American groups; then they compared and contrasted these groups to reach
        deeper understanding. Our Skype match challenge was a big success, too, with students
        competing against peers in other classrooms.

Martha Thornburgh is the digital literacy specialist for Mount Vernon School District. Twenty-two
years of teaching have led this dynamic educator from Texas across three continents. She has taught
every grade level from pre-K to grade 6, and in 2010, marks her third year as digital literacy coach for the
Mount Vernon School District. Contact Martha,
         I show teachers how technology can support highly effecting instructional techniques. Here’s an
        example: as teachers learn about the importance of feedback, I can show them how to use
        technologies that deliver immediate feedback, such as Google forms, classroom polls and
        classroom response systems. These technologies hold tremendous possibilities for meaningful
        feedback and greater student engagement.

Our Peer Coaches
Lori Cleveringa,
Eric Franz,
Jennifer Jackson,
Linda King,
Gilma Okbinoglu,

Contact Us
Dennis Small,
Forrest Fisher,

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