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									Major Research Project
Zea Page
Question to Audience

• Has anyone been part of a group of people and done
  something that they normally wouldn’t do?
My Question

• What makes a group of people turn into a mob?

• Hypothesis -> Mobs will occur when there is a collective
  unease in a society usually caused by oppressive forces.
Question to Audience

• How would you define a mob?
Definition of ‘Mob’

• A large crowd of people that
  usually causes trouble or

• The ordinary people.

• A criminal organization.

• Comes from the Latin phrase
  ‘mobile vulgus’ (fickle crowd) ->
  definition is a disorderly crowd of
3 Types of Mobs

• Common Mob

• Smart Mob

• Flash Mob
Common Mob

 • People gather without the help of networking sites.

 • Usually turn violent or to crime.

 • Have occurred throughout history.
Smart Mob

• Behave intelligently due to
  available networking links that
  allow easy spread of information
  (cell phones, e-mails, online

• Political reasons.
Flash Mob

• A gathering of people who assemble in a predetermined
  area, perform an action, and then disperse.

• A type of smart mob, because they use technology to

• Entertainment or satire.
Question to Audience

• Do you think that mobs are good or bad?
Mobs are good because...

• can be used peacefully.

• are an efficient way to make changes in society.
Mobs are bad because...

• result in crime.

• can be destructive and

• show animalistic side
  of humans.

• criminals can use flash
  mobs as distractions.
Role of Technology on Mobs

• Allow for groups to be formed
  efficiently and effortlessly.

• Groups that would be
  discouraged can be
Crowd Psychology
• Contagion theory -> crowds cause people to act in a
  certain way.

  • No fear of repercussion of actions due to facelessness
    of crowd.

  • When a crowd turns into a mob.

• Convergence theory -> people that wish to act a certain
  way come together to form crowds.

  • Mob mentality/mob hysteria sets in.
Basic Rules of Group Behavior

• If an individual is in a group they tend to mirror the
  emotions of the people around them (contagion theory).

• Leaders of the group can incite emotions in the group
  (convergence theory).
Question to Audience

• Do you know of any mobs in history?
Examples in History

• French Revolution & Boston Tea Party

  • Abuse of power.

• Salem Witch Trials

  • Mass hysteria.

• Lynchings of African-Americans in US

  • Negative changes.
Examples Today

• Dec. 23, 2010 -> Mobs in Haiti lynched 40 people for
  spreading cholera.

• June 3, 2009 -> Mob in Philadelphia beat up a man who
  was accused of raping a child.

• US gov. accusing people of being terrorists is causing a
  mob mentality in the US against Middle Eastern people.
Reasons Mobs are Formed

• There are problems in the society and changes need to
  be made.

• Caused from collective unease in a society usually
  caused by oppressive forces either through convergence
  or contagion theory.

• Created to try to improve society.

• Formed due to oppressive factors like unfair/corrupt
  governments, lack of work, and lack of food.
Unique Audience

• Mr. Wood

  • Said he liked how I listed pros & cons.

  • Agreed with my reasons for why mobs are caused.

• Data could be inaccurate.

• Some sources weren’t very reliable.

• Could have used more sources.

• Needed more details about mobs in history.

• Could have included personal stories.
Any Questions?
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