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The Real Reason Why Many Say Network Marketing Scam


									 Ok so lets face it, in the internet you see almost everywhere “network
marketing scam”. Here I will educate you why so many people claim MLM a
scam with a short video included at the end of the post.

Let’s first have some fun with history

Back before you and I were born there were companies like Amway (a
pioneer in MLM) that started in this industry. Since this industry was
brand new, many people were skeptical wether this business model (multi-
level-marketing) was legal or if it even worked. Amway went through a lot
of legal lawsuits and eventually changed how they did many things. By the
1970's the MLM industry went through a depression because people were
skeptical than ever, calling it a scam. However, through out the years
MLM has been improving, became legal and many companies came into the
network marketing industry.
Number one reason why people scream “Network Marketing Scam!”

Many people say Network Marketing scam for one single reason…they failed
at it or had little success. People come into this profession with the
mentality of wanting to win in the lottery. They want money to come into
their hands with little to no action. This is not the case! You want to
be successful, you have to change that mentality first. The way this
industry works is,”You do nothing, you get nothing; you do a lot, you get
a lot.” By personal experience this is 100% true. I have seen people do a
little bit and give up 3 months later because they weren’t getting any
results. Well duh! You barely did anything! You want to be successful,
think like a winner and have an attitude of “never give up”. The truth
is, there is hundreds and thousands of people already succeeding in
network marketing, right now as we speak.

Second, some people do not get the right training it takes to have
success. Eric Bechtold, the #2 top money earner of Lightyear Wireless
said it himself, “the reason I love Lightyear so much is because they
provide their representatives the training and tools necessary to build a
business.” Eric has been in the MLM industry for years with multi
companies and some companies he has been in do not give their
representatives the appropriate training. Many people join a MLM company
without knowing what to do after they have joined. Do not be one of the
victims who wonder around how to make it work. If you are ready to take
your life on a whole new level, if you are ready to make this work, if
you are willing to do what it takes to be successful, click here.

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