cadiz10 report by HC121118041631


									                            Field Trip Report
                             February 2010
                           by Jimmy Peterson
      The February field trip to Cadiz and the Marble mountains went
extremely well. We had a great turn out and everyone went home with
some nice pieces. Saturday morning we went to Marble mountains where
small red garnets, hematite, and massive green and yellow-brown epidote
were found. On Saturday afternoon we went to the trilobite quarry where
we all found some nice cambrian era trilobites including Jimmy's
spectacular *complete* Olenellus Fremonti with both positive and
negative slabs and a bonus brachiopod. All of the cephalon, thorax, and
pygidium were clearly visible as well as several spines - a true museum
piece. Then on Sunday we drove over to Siam Siding where we found some
nice pieces of chapenite (brecciated jasper). Herb was the one that
found the most, using his probing technique in a hole started weeks
earlier. However, it was Adrian, the digging machine, who help Herb get
down to the good stuff. Overall it was another great Searcher's field

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