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									Topic Idea Presentation

           ME 4182
 Team: 5 + 1 Guys Engineering
      Nathan Bessette,
         Rahul Bhatia,
        Andrew Cass,
       Zeeshan Saiyed,
         Glen Stewart
            YJ Chok
                  Last Time
• Presented:
  – Problem Statement
  – Task Assignments
  – Project Plan
  – Design Partition
• Received critical review of deliverables
• Problem Statement
  – Focus Value Statement
  – Adjust Wording
• Design Partition
  – Refined description
  – Removed Implementation section
• Task Partition
  – Refined task assignments
• Project Plan
  – Provided a specific timeline
              Design Question
• The question was posed:
  – “…you should also think about how the eraser will
    get cleaned. Because the cleaning will be one
    driving factor.”
• Design Solution
  – Eraser will be detachable to allow for quick
    removal and replacement
                  This Week
• Patent Search
  – Pictures of patents
  – Patent numbers
  – General patent description
                                                    BOARD ERASER

                                                               Patent No.:
                                                             US 6,948,210 B1

                                                               Date of Patent:
                                                               Sep. 27, 2005
Shaft      Eraser

    Brief Description: This patent is for a system for automatic erasure of a board
    embodied by a motor plus a pair of rods capable of being rotatably driven by
    the motor. Pulleys attached to each of the rods with an eraser member affixed
    to two belts provide horizontal erasing action.
                                              Chalkboard Eraser
                                    Roller Track     Patent No.:
                                                        US 3,731,335
                                   Circular Wipers

                                                     Filing Date:
                                                          Jul 7, 1971

                                   Chalk Board       Date of Issue:
                                                        May 1973
                                   Drive Motor

Description: This patent is for an automatic chalkboard eraser which consists
   of a span of rotatably mounted erasers held against the board. Electric
   motors power the body of the system side to side and rotate the erasers
   which span the length of the board. Rollers at the top and bottom of the
   system facilitate transverse motion. There is a manual and automatic
   switch on the front which controls the mechanical motion.
Housing                            APPARATUS AND
                                    A METHOD FOR
   Front View                      AUTOMATICALLY
                                      ERASING A
                                          Patent No.:
                                        US 6,730,720 B1

                                         Date of Patent:
                                          Apr. 16, 2002
                                    Top View

          Brief Description: This patent is a device that is meant
Cutaway   to erase as well as clean a blackboard. The device
          moves horizontally with rotating brushes on a vertical
          axis. A washing liquid is also applied with wipers to
          clean the board after erasing the board.
Eraser for Whiteboard Marker
                                Patent No.: 6056468
                                 Date Issued: 5/2/00
                      This patent was granted for a wiper
                      blade style eraser tool for white
                      boards. The wiper blade eraser can
                      be used as a stand alone or it can be
                      adapted onto an existing marker, as it
                      has various cross-sections. This
  Mounting shaft      patent is not the entirety of our
                      invention but is a critical part in terms
                      of eraser design for the automated
                      whiteboard wiper to have the least
                      amount of friction and the highest
                      removal efficiency with the lowest
                      number of passes.
     Apparatus for cleaning blackboards
  Date of Patent: Jun. 14, 1994                       Patent No.: US 5,319,820

Brief Description: A system that utilizes a vertically sliding pivoting head mounted to
a frame attached to the surrounding wall. The entire assembly can slide horizontally
while the head can move vertically when cleaning the board. The head can be lifted
off the surface for selective cleaning. The cleaning medium is sponge-like and
                                                 Writing Board with an
                                                   Automatic Erase

                                                              Patent No.:
                                                             US 5,607,312

                                                             Date of Patent:
                                                              Mar. 4, 1997

Brief Description: This device utilizes a frame, a driving roller and a supporting
roller mounted on the frame to drive an endless writing sheet around. An
elongated, fixed eraser which is extended along the width of the sheet is
disposed in the touching of the back surface of the writing sheet. The written
material is thus erased at the back while the sheet is being rolled.
                    Next Time
• Procure whiteboard
  – Compare prices and purchase whiteboard
  – Look into supporting building materials
• Concept designs
  – Present different conceptual designs
     • Drawings, descriptions, and key points

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