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                                               Austria Just had another great independence day!
                                               October 26
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   Send Austria a message                                    Austria We joined EU Economic and Monetary Union        just a little while ago
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   Information                                               Austria We entered the EU fairly recently, we’re looking forward to a long alliance
   Countries name:
   Official Lang:
    German (official nationwide)
   Political Affiliation:
   Federal Republic
                                                             Austria We just declared independence from the Nazis. We are officially a neutral
   Roman Catholic                                            1955
   Currency :
   Joined EU in:
                                                             Austria I just was annexed into Nazi Germany. We really had no choice!
   1995                                                      1938

                                                              Austria France just declared war on me! The nerve of some
                                                              April 20, 1792

Slovakia      Slovenia          Czech                        Austria Mozart was born today! This baby has a future!
                                                             January 27, 1756

Germany       Hungary           Italy
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                                         John F. Kennedy is preparing to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

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                                             We are located in Central Europe and east of both Italy and Slavonia.
                                             Our Climate is temperate; continental, cloudy; cold winters with frequent rain and some snow in lowlands and snow in mountains; moderate
                                             summers with occasional showers
                                             We have mountains in both the west and south (Alps); Along the eastern and northern margins is mostly flat or gentle slopes.
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  Send Austria a message                     The population in our area is 8,217,280 (July 2011 est.)
                                             The birth rate here is 8.67 births/1,000 population (2011 est.)
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                                             The death rate is 10.14 deaths/1,000 population (July 2011 est.)
                                             We are a conventional long form Republic of Austria.
  Countries name:                            We are a conventional short form Austria.
  Official Lang:                             We are a local long form Republik Oesterreich.
   German (official nationwide)              Economy:
  Political Affiliation:                     Our Per Capita is $40,300 (2010 est.)
  Federal Republic                           country comparison to the world: 20 $39,800 (2009 est.)
  Religion:                                  $41,300 (2008 est.)
  Roman Catholic                             note: data are in 2010 US dollars
  Currency :
  Euro                                       Communications:
  Joined EU in:                              We have 3.253 million (2009) phone lines.
                                             We have 3.266 million (2010) internet hosts.
Photos                                       We have 6.143 million (2009) Internet users.
                   Over view of              The water ways are 358 km (2011).
                                             The road ways are total: 107,262 km.
                                             There is one heliports (2010).

             Park view
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        Austria is preparing to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

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