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									Does Your Company Need a Technology
Insurance Policy?
Insurance technology is a niche industry to provide coverage for it. To protect your loss of
income or failed policies of professional liability (errors and omissions liability) hardware or
software product for sale can occur at these times of all services companies or with court costs is
important. Supervision and error in computer consultants, can sue. Company being sued by the
exorbitant costs of litigation and down time will fail.

Computer consultant, will sell the client to run the business of their programmers and software
designers, Web site designers, including most information technology companies technology
products and services in order to use them. Protect your company from coverage any intellectual
property infringement or invasion of privacy and viruses attack personal injury lawsuit. You can
sue himself as your company or entity fault was intentional or not. And satisfied clients may not
be from the now happy six months so the looming so far is for those who are remain threats
underinsured come.

Accused to cause loss of income to the client over the legitimate commercial or business
insurance, contractors or technical problems also does not cover third party sub contractors.
Technology insurance lawsuit a few months which can be take in this day and age otherwise in
need, brand and reputation damage not to mention company very expensive at all. Negotiates
coverage will include any judgment against all legal fees, you, and court costs. Provides
technology insurance company's maximum protection, it is to afford the peace of mind necessary
for focusing future.

The following overview of the various aspects of insurance. Small businesses that need insurance
and the need to check whether or not properly protect larger companies an assortment of
insurance options. Please for specific operations to see if there is a proper range and all the
fundamentals and consider.

Types of insurance for your business:

Cyber liability: this coverage will protect the accident if your employees by law requires. They
become ill, or die as a result of their work also covers.

Workers ' compensation: for employees to get hurt while adopting the coverage under.

Public accountability: we protected this coverage if injury to the public members of the
company's property.

Life and disability: loss of life especially partner you can buy as a key employee or company but
if they share.
Product liability: this coverage will be addressed if the products you will sell, give products harm
someone suing you.

Health for your employees: health insurance coverage.

Driving job company vehicle driving accidents when vehicles for all employees: coverage.

Buildings insurance: supports own any company building or leasing damage coverage type.

Contents: owning any inventory, equipment, furniture, business, etc. to ensure coverage.

Trade credit: you go or bankruptcy coverage customers don't pay as promised.

Theft theft of business assets: coverage.

Business interruption: coverage for an event that causes to stop business activities to protect the

Coverage of money: If you handle your money up lots of business is good news.

To determine whether certain operations have adequate insurance, all aspects of your business it
is important to take into account when choosing the above options.

Experience INSUREtrust Steve Haase, President, 25 years of risk management and insurance
and risk management and insurance statements and master's degree from Georgia State
University, Bachelor's degree. He also keeps the arms of the CPCU designation. He is frequent
speaker e-business risk management industry events. He started the first insurance products in
1997, focus on companies that do business on the Internet "security violation" exposures. This
initiative eventually INSUREtrust LLC, led major cyber liability wholesale Norcross, Georgia

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