AGM Minutes of 2010 by 3eTW37


									Minutes of 2009/10 AGM -
At Seven Spice Indian Restaurant – Pembroke Dock

James Parfitt, Peter Robinson, Trevor Collins, Chris Morris, Jane Parfitt,

Andrew Johnstone, Mark Carter, Christine Evans, Ian

Chairman’s report
James gave a brief report on the year’s events, and request more help and support
from all members if the chamber is going to achieve what it members want.

 Treasurer’s report
James gave a precise report on behalf of mark carter of the approved accounts, giving
a balance of £301.96,

Election of offices –2009/2010
Nomination for the chairman to continue was made by Chris Morris for James Parfitt,
and was seconded by Peter Robinson, James Parfitt accepted

Nomination for treasure was made by James Parfitt, for Mark Carter to continue with
his role as treasure, Trevor Collins seconded this – Mark Carter accepted

Nominations for communications officer was made by James Parfitt for Andrew
Johnstone to continue his role as communications officer –Peter Robinson seconded
this – Andrew accepted the position,

Nominations were made for the role of secretary by Chris Morris for Mr & Mrs
Border and were seconded by Trevor Collins, Mr & Mrs Border accepted

Approve and adopt the constitution
No adjustments were made,

Any other business
Open discussion

Date for next AGM
April 2011

Date for next meeting
9th June 2010 to be announced

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