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									  Tips for care and maintenance wooden floor

The care and maintenance of wood flooring and parquet operations are not complicated and
difficult, a factor that also determines the abundant use in the homeand now also in
shops. available are countlessvarieties of wood floors, for every taste and every need. The cost of the
finished product and put in place is quite acceptable and, therefore, is often used in this solution for
the most diverse environments. One of the most common objections when it comes to wood floors,
wood floor, however, is the its delicacy and difficulty in maintenance. It is, in fact, of two false
problems. The operations must be calibratedby use , but also with respect to the chosen
finish. the former, in fact, there are parquet offering excellent strength and hardness. The progress
of both materials, both of insulating coatings,combined with the improvement of dimensional
strips and the progress of assembly techniques,allows the realization in a limited time hardwood
floors are extremely resistant and durable.Regarding maintenance just a few, simple, measures
to keep the floors in perfect condition and it lasts for years. In this sense, moreover, as
a floor live , you can carry out maintenance, which allow you to return to its original to a very
simple and low fees. In times of crisis like the wood floor can be a resource that allows you
to change the appearance of a house without incurring insane.

When it comes to care of parquet can also differentiate the operation, dividend, in particular,
the maintenance of the extraordinary , forming a ladder practice, dictated by the operating

                                          Daily care

If the parquet floor undergoes a daily use, just pass a regular vacuum cleaner or broom, in
order to prevent debris, stones and materials in general can accumulate and, withpoaching, can
cause unsightly scratches and grooves on the surface. Always on a daily basis, for the care and
maintenance of wood flooring, it is very important factor in thewash . The wood in contact with the
water tends to swell and, for this reason we proceed with cloths or rags very well wrung. The
cloth is normally dipped in a solution that includes water and products that vary depending on the
type of timber. For all, however, it is important to follow the grain of the wood. Sometimes for
parquet clear using a solution ofbleach and water to prevent it darken, in this case, however, the
rinsing must be very accurate
                         Painted wood and untreated wood

The painted wooden floors can be washed with water and ammonia in solution: here the
proportion of ammonia is around 15% and in this case it is not necessary to rinse.
More complex maintenance of the floorboards, that requires washing with water and
frequent incerature to go to close the cracks which are formed on the timber base. Normally as a
result of the washing is passed a rag cotton, always possibly following the grain of the wood, in order
to polish the surface in a uniform manner. Important to perform this operation when the floor is
completely dry. To the parquet-finished wax must proceed to waxing , about once per month: in this
case it must spread on the surface of specific products that are absorbed by the wood, forming a
surface protective layer . The operation is complex, and each product has its own specific dynamics,
however, before the application would be appropriate to remove the old wax . On this side is
normally used to a cloth wrung out, but soaked in solvent, then to rinse thoroughly.To the
varnished parquet the operation of the wax is replaced by specific treatments based resins, which
strengthen and protect the paint film. These treatments must be made on a quarterly basisor
more frequently depending on the foot traffic. These are simple steps like washing, but to be done
with water mixed with specific products. Considering the particularity of the latter is not
advisable to exceed than the prescribed dose.
                                Reblading the parquet

In the case of parquet and wooden floors very experienced, you can also use thereblading. This
includes the removal of all the surface layer by abrasion and then proceed with a new draft of
wax or paint . This is a fairly complex operation and which involves the removal of 1/3 of the
surface layer and, therefore, can have a certain impact on the doors. Of note, however, that with
this operation, normally, is able torestore, or by abrasion or for storage, allgrooves and
scratches present on the surface.

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