; Install an aerator on the glass
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Install an aerator on the glass


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									              Install an aerator on the glass
The mechanical aerator to be installed on the glass ensures the exchange of air in wet areas such
                  as bathrooms and kitchens. It can be easily installed DIY.

                                Parts of indoor air

In every room of the house must be guaranteed, for reasons ofcomfort and environmental well-
being , proper air circulation , which is essential to bring in the right amount of oxygen and to
remove any accumulation of moisture in thebathroom , in the kitchen or in storage rooms on the
ground floor or basement. This requirement can be met with different systems of ventilation , of
which the most usual isnatural , only possible if the walls are spaces of communication to the
outside. Nothing there is more easy, after a few hours spent in a room, open the window and let in
fresh air. The current which is created (and which, if excessive, can be even annoying) is caused
substantially by thetemperature difference between inside and outside. To feed it, in summer, it
is appropriate to act on openings that are located on opposite walls , especially if equipped system
toflap or flap safer than conventional doors.
                     Mechanical aerators Window

To make continuous and constant exchange of air in a room equipped with glazed openings to the
outside or to another compartment directly communicating with the outside, it is possible to resort
to plant systems simple and fast to install, even with a work do-it- you . The most common are of
course, to spread and cost of purchase, installation and use, continuous mechanical
aerators . These are devices made of metal orplastic material that can be mounted on the
windows and that, inside them, have a structure in grid composed of lamellae, free to rotate and to
modulate the effective passage of air between the interior and the outside. This arrangement makes
the adjustable parts and commensurate with the actual needs of the environment being indoors . To
mount an aerator on the glass window of a simple few tools are required, easily found in your box
of DIY or near that of the hobbyist longer provided.
                      Prepare the hole for the vent

First of all, the swivel with suction cup orglass compass , perfect tool to track and record the
glass along a circle given by the diameter indicated as optimal by the manufacturer of the
aerator. tracking must be done accurately and precisely, the probability of breaking the plate, for a
non-expert, exist and are not negligible. The glass, in fact, as many will know, is not cut for all its
thickness but is engraved and then divided into the desired portions along the lines, straight or
curved, previously prepared. Removed the swivel from the surface of the glass, therefore,
thecircular hole can be obtained simply by tapping a sharp, direct and precise with a hammer and
remove the residue with a flat pliers; recommend at this stage, as in the following, pay close attention
to the sharp edge of the glass.

                  Type and installation of aerators
The mounting of the aerator depends on itstype . trade In the most common variety is the one that
presents a ring nut which is screwed into the hole and which allows the subsequent housing of the
appliance. Thediameters vary, typically, between 120 and 200 mm; the passage of air, in fact, must
be calibrated based on the volume of the environment, the number of people that usually stay there
and to its intended use. The company Milanese Lux proposes aerators from window to thermal
effect in transparent thermoplastic material equipped with a device for opening and closing. In
mounting, can also of insulating glass with a ring nut adapted to it, goes cured finishing and
sealing the edge of the hole with putty specific for glass ; perfect, for example, that of the
French Rubson or those sold by the Milanese NEOSTUCCO . In catalog of the latter, is also available
a wide range of aerators of different types and sizes and with some accessories. They range from
those with fan plastic similvetro single grid with and without closure, suitable for installation in
kitchens and in accordance with regulations relating to air changes, to those thermal, with or without
closure, to be prepared in other environments. In some products the fan can be doubled and coupled
to a retina that has the purpose to prevent the undesired passage of dust, insects and other residues.

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