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									                     Beta Tau Chapter 67 of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Area VI
                                                 Alpha State, Texas

                Beta Tau Dialogue
Volume XIX
Number 3
                            Dorothy’s Dorothy Bankhead
November 2010
San Antonio,                 Dear Beta Tau Sisters,                        places to live where you can still see
                                                                           flowers blooming in November.
                              Can you believe it is November al-
                             ready, and Thanksgiving is just on the        As I drove down Blanco Road the other
                             horizon? Now is the time to get out-          day, I passed an apartment complex
                             side and enjoy the cool brisk air and a       that had a wonderful thick planting of
                             climate that draws people to our part         multi-colored zinnias near the street.
                             of the world. I just love the beautiful       Another place had beds of begonias
                             autumn weather we are having now.             that had turned red from the sun. I
                             One of the perks of living in South           would love to say that I take advantage
                             Texas is the mild weather eight               of the mild weather to have flowers in
                             months of the year. There aren’t many                                     (Continued on page 3)

                                              Chapter Yearbook Update
                                                                                                  by Jeanette Pierce
                            Our chapter yearbook will continue to          over the years and makes such a differ-
                            be distributed at our November meeting         ence in our chapter with her willingness
Inside this issue:          and throughout the year so that every-         to help in many different tasks. She has a
                            one has a copy. As you know, we have           special touch with the photocopier at our
                            made a few changes to the original book        church so, of course, I seek her expert
Achievement     2
                            including revised chapter rules to com-        help when it comes time to run off our
Committee                   ply with International guidelines and          book. Also, thank you to Ann Carter,
                            some changes in member status. I will          Dorothy Bankhead, and Suzette for tak-
October         2           make paper copies of a page that in-           ing a look at our book before I printed it.
Minutes                     cludes all changes and distribute that, as
                            well. Each member who has an email             If you have any questions or comments
Beta Tau Dues 3             address will also receive an electronic        about the yearbook,
Information                 copy of the yearbook that can be saved         please let me know.
I Am
                            on your desktop for quick access or            Remember that next
Thankful For    4           placed in your Beta Tau email or docu-         year we hope to put
                            ments folder.                                  together a yearbook
Dress For       6                                                          that includes photos
Success                     Many thanks go to Suzette Price for            of all members.
                            once again helping me run off the year-
Birthdays       7           book. She has assisted so many times
     Achievement Awards Committee
                                                                            by Dorothy Warras
         The Achievement Awards Committee              They are the Key Women Educators
         will be recognizing our best sisters in       in Education, Community Serrvice and
         Beta Tau. You know your friends and           Chapter Service.
         should nominate them in the following
         categories.                                   This is a perfect "gift" for your Beta
                                                       Tau sister. Honor her by nominating
         The Master Educator is a member               her now. You know her best. Write
         who is achieving both in the chapter          her name and the reason why you be-
         work and in the teaching profession.          lieve she should receive this honor.
                                                       Don't wait until the last minute. Think
         The Pioneer Teacher is a member               about it now.
         who is retired but stays active in the
         profession and in our chapter.
                                                                November Meeting
         This is the year the Joint Council hon-
                                                             November 18th at 4:30 p.m.
         ors three of our outstanding women at               Garner Middle School Library
         the Founders Day luncheon in May.

                                   October Minutes
                                                                         by Brenda Krueger

         Beta Tau Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma        and friend Gracie West. We also welcomed
         met on Saturday, October 16 at Apple         Myrtle Puckett, mother of Arline Patterson.
         Annie’s Restaurant at 11:00 am. As they      Christal Alexander, the representative from
         arrived, members and guests viewed           Dress for Success, was introduced by Mar-
         Dress For Success slides, and played         tha Ramos. It was wonderful to have so
         “Guess the Models”.                          many guests and we hope that they will con-
                                                      sider becoming Beta Tau members.
         The meeting was called to order by Presi-
         dent Dorothy Bankhead and the devotion       A Letter from Glenda Wicker was read in
         was given by Scotta Williams. The devo-      which she requested Reserve Status because
         tional theme was the importance of           of her health. A vote of the chapter mem-
         friendship and community.                    bers accepted Glenda's request, and she has
                                                      been placed on Reserve Status until she
         Guests were welcomed and introduced.         feels well enough to request reinstatement.
         Martha Ramos introduced her husband
         Reyes Ramos and daughter Susanna             An informative presentation on the Dress
         Ebenstein. Cynthia Driggers was pre-         for Success program was given by Martha
         sented as the guest of Jeanette Pierce and   Ramos. Dress for Success is a local 501(c) 3
         Carolyn Dahlgren. Dorothy Bankhead           agency affiliated with the worldwide Dress
         introduced her daughter Marianne Bank-       for Success organization dedicated to help-
         head and friends Kim Domangue and            ing clients attain and retain employment,
         Mary Ann McGarrah, Shirley Owens’            acquire job related skills, adapt to the work-
         guests were her daughter, Patricia Lozano                                  (Continued on page 5)

Page 2                                                                          Beta Tau Dialogue
Dorothy’s Reflections continued...
my yard, but life is sometimes a trade-
off. My flowers are in pots on my porch            “In Taiwan, I was Number 68
because the deer allow me to live in their         out of 70 students. I come to
territory. The acorn crop has matured,             Boston and Mr. Zander says I
                                                   am an ‘A.’ Very confusing. I
drawing in small herds of deer here and            walk about, three weeks, very
there to eat the fallen acorns. So…no              confused. I am Number 68,
flowers in the yard for me. However, I’ll          but Mr. Zander says I am an
                                                   ‘A’ student…I am Number 68,
enjoy the picturesque beauty of the deer,          but Mr. Zander says I am an
the wooded hill country, the fresh air, and        A. One day I discover much
blue skies instead.                                happier ‘A’ than Number 68.
                                                   So I decide I am an ‘A’.”
Speaking of enjoying things, have you
had a chance to read our book study se-       The labels we take so seriously are in-
lection yet? The dialogue in The Art of       vented by humans and are a “Game” we
Possibility flips back and forth between      play, but labels tell us nothing about the
the Zanders as they each give examples        people who are assigned to wear them.
of the points they are making. Some of        We’ve all had students in our classes who
the best examples have been from young        seem mediocre but really have the poten-
people who have been touched by the           tial to be doctors, lawyers, inventors, and
ideology of both of the Zanders.              such like. However, the label “Mediocre”
                                              caused the student to be treated in one
For example, in the section called            way, but if the label had been “Gifted,”
“Giving an A,” Ben Zander asked his           the treatment and the results might have
class how they were feeling about being       been much different. The Art of Possibil-
assigned an A at the beginning of the         ity is filled with positive ways to “think
term. A young Taiwanese student enthu-        outside the box.” I know you are going to
siastically raised his hand and explained     enjoy reading the entire book.
how it affected him.
                                               I’m looking forward to seeing everyone
                                              at Garner Middle School on
                                              November 18th. Phyllis Malone’s Or-
                                              chestra students play so well. The last
                                              time I attended one of their concerts, I
                                              couldn’t help but marvel at the quality of
                                              music that was produced by such young
                                              people. I know we are in for a treat!

                                              See you soon, Dorothy

  Volume XIX                                                                      Page 3
 I Am Thankful for……

I am particularly thankful for the friendship and love Beta Tau sisters have given me these 14+
years of my cancer journey. Thanks for helping make it a bearable journey!
                                                             Love to all, Linda Tarver

I am thankful for the Lord's blessings and His healing power.
                                                           Doris Meyer

I am thankful for the love of God, expressed through the creativity of teachers. We are all made
in His image, but we need the tender nurture and encouragement of teachers to help us become
the creative human beings God has planned for us to be.
                                                            Leana Turbeville

A day of productive work;
A time to read my latest book;
A social moment with a friend;
A sudden burst of laughter shared;
A few moments with coffee on my porch;
A good life, good health, good family and friends;
A knowledge that our Heavenly Father forgives our sins.

                                             Dorothy Bankhead

Beta Tau members’ spirit of helpfulness and willingness to work together to get a job done.
Camaraderie of our members.
                                                           Mary Hale

I’m thankful for family, our country, and friends, especially my wonderful Beta Tau sisters.
                                                            Jeanette Pierce

      Heap high the board with plenteous cheer and gather to the feast,
       And toast the sturdy Pilgrim band whose courage never ceased.
                            ~Alice W. Brotherton

         Volume XIX                                                                       Page 4
October Minutes continued...
ing world and independently provide for themselves         Article IX - New Member Selections
and their families.
                                                           1. Recommendation for membership forms shall be
Clients receive help with testing, job leads, training        distributed throughout the year, particularly at the
and skills certifications, resumes, interviewing, busi-
                                                              September and October meetings.
ness etiquette, and “dressing for success” among
many other services designed to help women meet            2. Each recommendation for membership shall bear
their employment goals. Martha provided a wealth of           the signature of one or more members of Beta
information about the Dress for Success programs              Tau.
and services.
The invitation to dine was extended and a wonderful        3. Names of new members may be submitted to the
buffet was served. During the meal, several of the            membership committee at any business meeting.
members and guests modeled outfits that exempli-
                                                           4. Teachers with one year of experience through any
fied the kinds of clothing that are made available to
                                                              year of retirement are eligible for membership in
clients at Dress for Success. This style show was
                                                              the chapter.
narrated by Martha Ramos and was very cleverly
done as an oral “visual” tour of the local facility. The   In other business, it was reported that Beta chapter is
models were Marilyn Wienecke, Kathy Jeffcoat,              having a style show at Fort Sam Houston on Novem-
Charlotte Haines, Reyes Ramos, Susanna Ebenstein,          ber 13 at 11:00- 1:30 P. M.. The cost is $25.
and Martha Ramos. The following statistics concern-
ing Dress for Success were given by Christal Alex-         President Dorothy Bankhead urged members to think
ander:                                                     of those that we would like to recommend for mem-
                                                           bership and reminded the group about our member-
                                                           ship goals.
100% of the Dress for Success clients are below the
poverty level.                                             Paula Moore spoke about a survey for a fundraising
75% are homeless                                           cruise that we can access at:
78% are parents, mostly single
80% is the rate of job retention and/or promotion of
$13.9 million is the economic impact of Dress for          Our input is requested to facilitate the planning for a
Success just in San Antonio alone.                         fun way to raise funds. Paula is writing a grant to
                                                           enable us to offer a Winter Conference in January or
                                                           February to help teachers gain continuing education
More information can be obtained by visiting the           credits. The ideal situation would be to keep registra-
website at either:                                         tion small and offer it at a local school. Some have
                                                           suggested grant writing or music and movement as or                      possible subjects at the conference.
                                                           We were also reminded of the state convention in
Mary Hale then led the members in a vote on the by-        McAllen, Texas on June 23 through 26, 2011.
laws changes as discussed at the September meeting.
The members voted on and approved the following:           Cookbooks are on sale for $10 to benefit the emer-
                                                           gency fund. This fund helps members who are vic-
Article III - Membership                                   tims of disaster.
A) Membership shall be comprised of active, re-            Jeanette Pierce provided yearbook copies at the
   serve, and honorary members who are employed            meeting and informed us that she will update the
   or reside within San Antonio, Bexar county, or          electronic yearbook online.
   the surrounding areas.
                                                           Prizes for the “guess the models” game were given
B) Bylaws shall be in accordance with Article III of       and the meeting adjourned at 1:00pm.
   the International Constitution.

           Volume XIX                                                                                     Page 5
                                                              Dress For Success
                                                                      October 16th, 2010

 Scotta Williams, Karen Katz, Becky Peterson Thaxton,
Jeanette Pierce, Carolyn Dahlgren, Cynthia Driggers, and
                     Roberta Carlson

                                                             Myrtle Puckett and Arline Patterson
                                                                    Mother and Daughter

  Reyes Ramos, Martha Ramos, Susanna Ebenstein,
Charlotte Haines, Marilyn Wienecke, and Kathy Jeffcoat

                December Meeting                           Marianne Bankhead and Dorothy Bankhead
                                                                     Daughter and Mother
              December 5th @ 2:00
                 Franklin House
               105 E. French Place

             Volume XIX                                                                            Page 6
          Beta Tau Chapter 67 of
          the Delta Kappa Gamma                                  Happy Birthday To You…...
          Primary Business Address
          Society International
          Your Address Line 2
          Area VI
          Your Address Line 3 Texas
          Alpha State,
          Your Address Line 4
          Beta Dialogue                               27 Bessie Kirby
          Rose Bradley & Ann Carter Co-Editors        28 Jeanette Pierce

          2102 Copper Hill
          San Antonio, Texas 78232
          210-884-0082                                December
                                                      1 Mary Alice Barrow
                                                      13 Gloria Morales
          Beta Tau Chapter                            24 LeAnne Wilden
         San Antonio, Texas

                             Positive Thoughts & Prayers to…….
                          Mary Hale will be having hip surgery         Lola Hill had a stay in Wilford Hall for
Mission State-            on November 15th.                            testing after fainting at a school dedica-
ment:                                                                  tion.
The Delta Kappa           Jane Kernaghan will be having surgery
Gamma Society             on November 17th.                            Angels around our Beta Tau Sisters..
International pro-
motes profes-
sional and per-
                                                            etisbe w s ’ uaT ateB tuo kcehc ot
sonal growth of
women educators                        
and excellence in

                                                     VISION STATEMENT


                     Volume XIX                                                                          Page 7

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