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									Societies Convener
Opportunity Profile


The main role of the Societies Convener is to represent the needs and views
of societies to other committees within EUSA, including the Student Council
and the Finance Committee. In having a seat on the Finance Committee, the
Societies Convener is also a trustee of the organisation.


The Societies Convener chairs a fortnightly committee of Society
Representatives (the ‘Societies Executive’) - this committee works closely with
the VPSA and Societies Development Co-ordinator to create and implement
projects and initiatives to help EUSA better support Societies. The Societies’
Convener Coordinates the Societies’ Executive in their tasks, encouraging
them to feedback to EUSA society opinions and issues. The Societies'
Convener provides support to societies through communicating EUSA Society
initiatives, such as Soc Cards, Bar Kickback, and the Development Fund.

Your friendly and approachable manner will help you to support new societies
making them aware of their position as part of EUSA. You will be able to
mediate between proposed societies and existing societies to work on co-
operative events and attend a flexible ‘office hour’ to work with the society
team on ongoing projects.

As part of this role you will also consider the applications to the Development
Fund and vote with the committee on how this should be spent.

The Societies Convener will have the opportunity to contribute to the planning
and running of societies’ events such as continuous training, the fairs and the
You will also offer support and advice to new or struggling societies on
committee roles and structures.

The Societies Convener also sits on a number of EUSA committees that are
not society specific, and so the role is ideal if you are interested in societies
but would also like to get involved in EUSA more generally. You will have a
seat on the Student Council – the main EUSA representation committee, on
which around 100 reps sit – and the Finance Committee (which currently form
the organisation’s board of trustees).
Time Commitment

The role works out at around four to five hours commitment per week, which
involves a number of committees including: the Societies Executive (once per
fortnight), Societies Development Fund Committee (once per semester),
Student Council (once every three weeks), and the Finance Committee (four
times a year).

Don’t be put off by the long list of meetings – it generally works out at one or
two meetings per week, plus any extra time you would like to commit to your
own projects or manifesto pledges.

Experience and Eligibility

No experience is needed. All fully matriculated students at the University of
Edinburgh who are, at the time of closing of nominations, fully paid up
members of a recognised society are eligible to stand for the position.

Training and Support

There is a two day training conference for all EUSA members in May.
Throughout the year there is support available from several members of
EUSA staff particularly the Societies Staff.


A great experience of working with a real diversity of people, being in the front
line of communication with societies. You will develop skills in organisation
and policy making, chairing meetings, and will extract a great deal from
contributing to the societies community.

Further Information

If you want to know more about the position contact, societies development coordinator or Amy
Woodgate, or pop into the Societies Centre, Potterrow

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