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									  Social Entrepreneurship Society: The Forum on the Current Prospects of the International Situation and

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The following paragraph states the instructions and only to be used for reference purposes for all writers.
The thesis papers must contain an abstract. At the end of the papers, the writers must attach a Chinese
(English) topic title in the beginning of the Chinese (English) thesis, authors, and abstracts. Save it as an
electronic file (Word or PDF) to be able to convert into cd-roms.

Keywords: 3~6 characters: human resource management, innovation management, and marketing

                                                    1.   Format

Paper to be written horizontally, to be used A4 sized paper, to be set to 8000 words or less (for English
7000 words or less), and to be set as word file (or PDF convertible). Paper is subjected to the provisions of
the general requirements for a thesis paper. The pages must have a margin of 2 cm from the top to the
bottom and a space of 2.5 cm from the left to the right. The sentence style must be aligned and not mixed.
Also, the font must be set to traditional Chinese (新細明體), and the English and numbers text must be set
to Times New Roman.

1.1 Thesis Title and Authors

The thesis title should be concise and clear. It must be set at 16-point bold traditional Chinese (新細明體)
font, and must be centered on the first page of the first line. The authors’ section must include name,
organizations’ name, and contact address. The font must be set at the center of the page, single-spaced, and
12-point sized traditional Chinese (新細明體) font.

1.2 Texts

The text used in the paragraphs must be in 10-point sized traditional Chinese (新細明體) font and single-
spaced. For all the other text forms including English and numbers, the font must be in Times New Roman.

1.3 Chapter and Section Headings

The title heading and the chapter heading must be centered, and the section headings must begin from the
left side.

                                      2. Pictures, Tables, and Equations

         Pictures and tables should be placed at the end of the contexts or papers.

2.1 Pictures
         The picture heading must be placed below the picture. If the picture heading is used in a single
         line, then it should be set in the center of the picture or else be left-aligned to the picture.

                                                   P1 XX P
2.2 Tables
         The table heading must be centered at the top.

                                                 T1 XX T

2.3 Equations
        The equation must be single-spaced for the top and bottom of the equation. If the equation is
        numbered, then the number must be aligned to the right and start from number one (1).

                                           3. References Format

1. 任克敏、盧逸先(1995),“歐體科技政策的探討-兼論與我國科技產品之貿易”,台灣銀行季
    刊,46 (1),頁28-62。
2. 國科會(1998),“中華民國科學技術年鑑:民國八十五年”。
3. 許士軍(1997),“研究發展將成為企業競爭利器”,能力雜誌,500,頁22-25。
4. Goto, A. and K. Suzuki (1989), “R&D capital, rate of return on R&D investment and spillover of R&D
   in Japanese manufacturing industries,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 71 (4), pp. 555-564.
5. OECD (1994), Science and Technology Policy: Review and Outlook, Paris.
6. Porter, M.E. (1990), “The Competitive Advantage of Nations,” Free Press, New York.

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