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					U.S. Department of Labor

   DOL Contests on
 OES & informACTION Application Contests
            November 1, 2011
DOL Contests on
 DOL’s Use of for Application Development

                          DOL ran 2 application development
                           contests on that offered
                           $35,000 in prizes for each contest
                            o   Occupational Employment Statistics
                            o   informACTION
                          We provided the data, guidelines and
                           requirements for development
                          The participant picked the technology:
                            o   the web
                            o   a personal computer
                            o   a mobile handheld device, or
                            o   any platform broadly accessible to the
                                open Internet

               Customer Service Modernization Program
                What Developers Produced with our Data: 17 Applications

      DOL received 17 applications, resulting in 13 winners and total prize
      winnings of $68,000 for their innovative approach to using DOL data,
            resulting in an average of $5,200 per winning application

  Value of
                                                                 DOL Data
Partnerships                                                  Integrated with
Between DOL                   Contest                         Google, Yelp and
& Developer                 Participants                           other
 Community                                                       platforms

                                                           Development of
                             Launch of
                                                             Dynamic &
                                                           Social Tools for
                                           Innovation of
                                             DOL Data
                     Customer Service Modernization Program
                      Who Won Prizes? 13 Applications That Met Our Requirements

    OES Contest Award           Application Name                Location
         1st Place           Where Are The Jobs?     Sacramento, CA
         2nd Place           OES Map                 Brooklyn, NY
         3rd Place           Labor Wage Statistics   Chelsea, Michigan
    Honorable Mention        Occupation Wage Data    Hinesville, Georgia
    Honorable Mention        Job Compass             Atlanta, Georgia       applications
   People’s Choice Award     Job Compass             Atlanta, Georgia        originated
                                                                           from 9 States,
informACTION Contest Award      Application Name                Location
         1st Place           Eat Shop Sleep          Alexandria, VA
         2nd Place           iCitizen Labor Report   St. Louis, MO          Washington
         3rd Place           IC InfoChoice           Sterling, VA
    Honorable Mention        Inspection Radar        Arlington, TX
    Honorable Mention        DOL Connect             Sunnyvale, CA
    Honorable Mention        What’s The Beef?        Seattle, WA
    Honorable Mention        iDOL iPhone App         Plainfield, IL
   People’s Choice Award     Job Tracker             Washington, DC
DOL Contests on
 informACTION 1st Place Winner: Eat Shop Sleep


                                 iPhone/iPad accessible
                                 Search restaurants, shops, and hotels
                                  near you
                                 Access hotel/motel, restaurant and
                                  retail industry enforcement data and
                                  easily identify violators
                                 Narrow your results by industry,
                                  health/labor violations, name search
                                 Look up addresses and phone
                                  numbers for thousands of businesses
                                 DOL data is mixed with Yelp to check
                                  reviews of establishments with

DOL Contests on
 informACTION 2nd Place Winner: iCitizen Report


                                iPhone/iPad accessible
                                Places findings from DOL WHD and
                                 OSHA into the hands of the public in an
                                 easy to use interface optimized for the
                                 mobile platform
                                Uses geo-coding to identify findings that
                                 are in close proximity - check before
                                 you choose to dine at a restaurant, or
                                 apply for a job at a establishment, or
                                 stay at a hotel
                                Allows the users to set criteria to
                                 narrow the focus of the findings, either
                                 via navigating graphically with a map
                                 view or by data points using a list view
                                DOL data is mixed with Yelp to check
                                 reviews of establishments with findings
DOL Contests on
 OES 1st Place Winner: Where Are The Jobs?


                  Allows users to interactively explore the salary
                   and job statistics for various occupations at
                   national, state and regional levels
                  Users can choose an occupation and explore
                   the job market for that occupation, or they can
                   start with a state or region and explore the top
                   occupations within it
                  Provides context for the user by highlighting
                   the geographic area, plotting the information
                   on a graph for easy comparison and allowing
                   the users to sort either by number of jobs or
                   by salary
                  Provides information about the top industries
                   providing employment in a given occupation

DOL Contests on
 OES 2nd Place Winner: OES Map


                  Provides an "at a glance" view of the different
                  employment statistics such as wages (hourly
                  and annual), total number of jobs,
                  unemployment rates as well as location
                  quotients on a map of the U.S
                 User can easily switch between occupation
                  groups and drill down into the sub groups
                 Map is interactive and you can click on any
                  state to reveal a scorecard about the
                  individual state.
                     o   Scorecard features detailed information about
                         the states population, employment and
                         unemployment numbers, the average wages
                         and deviation from the U.S. average.

                 Lists the states top employers and an industry
                  breakdown in percent                                   8

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