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cookie company objectives


									Welcome to Cookie Quest!
Students will start an interdisciplinary unit called Cookie Quest.
An interdisciplinary unit shows the relationship between subject
areas like Math, Science, History, English, Music, Art, etc. In this
unit the common topics are entrepreneurship, problem solving and

The two goals for Cookie Quest are:
  1.To have companies work as a team to solve real world problems.
  2.To produce an original “quality” product.

Goal Area:    Students will be encouraged to conceive ideas, analyze
             data, and develop unique products.

Objectives for the unit: Students will be able to
  •Analyze attributes and components of an effective product
  •Apply a decision making model appropriately in choosing a product
  •Generate a marketing strategy by analyzing data
  •Integrate information to create a final product
                           QuickTime™ and a
  •Establish criteria for judging an effective product or process
  •Assess the products or processes based on established criteria
                        for effective group work and
    •Establish criteria neede d to see this picture. evaluate group

During the cookie quest unit, I have observed students --
*Taking a leadership role to complete a task.
*Making decisions based on negotiation.
*Problem solving what is cost efficient for the company.
*Trying to keep company costs down by using a cheaper form of
advertisement, but will this decision “pay off” in the long
*Demonstrating Creativity through writing and producing a
*Managing their time and being responsible for carry out their
company jobs.
*Keeping a spreadsheet, to make sure the company stays within a
*Calculating the cost to make the cookie and determining the
price of the cookie based on cost vs profit?
*Problem Solving --How much money will students spend for a good
tasting cookie? Will students buy a cheaper cookie or pay more
for a better tasting cookie? Will consumers purchase the cheaper
cookie or pay more for a better tasting cookie?

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