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					Quality Assurance Services
P.O Box 200 Neve Tzuf Israel 71945
Phone: 972 8 923-7869
Fax: 972 8 920-4052

                                                     INSPECTION FORM
CONTRACT NO                                     CUSTOMER SIGNATURE                                                                         ID NUMBER                               DATE OF REQUEST:

                          CUSTONER FOUND QAS THROUGH: Architect                      Engineer            Advert          Seminar            Internet          Other

                          CUSTOMER                                                                                                                             DELIVER BY EMAIL          POST        MEETING
                          NAME                                                  ADDRESS mailing address same                                                   CONTACT INFORMATION (phone)

                          SITE DETAILS

                          NAME OF OWNER                                         ADDRESS                                                                        CONTACT INFORMATION (phone)

                                                                                                                                                               ARE PLANS AVAILABLE? YES                   NO

                          HAS CUSTOMER REVIEWED THE HOME, OFFICE OR STRUCTURE BEFORE HAND?                                                                                                YES             NO

                          IF NO, WHY NOT?

                          DOSE THE CUSTOMER HAVE ANY SUSPICIANS ABOUT THE SITE?                                      YES              NO

                          IF YES, DISCRIBE THE ITEM:


                          1. The inspection ordered is for a commercial or residential structure that either you own or wish to purchase or rent.
                          2. The purpose of this inspection is to ascertain the general condition of said structure for one of the above reasons.

                          3. The inspection will note possible defects as well as superior items in the structure and cosmetic items or conditions. If major defects are found it is up to the owner/customer to

                             investigate the items further with an specialized engineer of their choosing. (Usually the contacting engineer)

                          4. The inspector is not responsible for the building in any way. The inspection is to be visual only and cannot be held accountable for items missed during tour. This is a good faith inspection

                          5. Upon completion of the inspection the inspector will deliver the completed inspection as described in the customer information box above.

                          6. Each inspection is a separate fee of (check one), paid in advance by the party signed below.
                          A:    New structure B:         Existing structure C:        Pre construction

                                          Series of inspections                             One time inspection             Other -- Specify: Renovation,
                                          (Minimum 4 required) 1200 NIS + VAT               2300.00 NIS + VAT
                          7. By purchasing an inspection you have agreed to the contract conditions and statements herein.

                          8. The inspection document is a classified document for the sole use of the purchasing party. Any court appearances requested are 10,000 NIS in advance.

                                 CUSTOMER                                                                 INSPECTOR                                                                      DATE

           4296/2B (1/2006)                                                                                                                                               SHEET 1 OF 1

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