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									'The Caveman Doctor' & John Spencer Ellis Offer New Health & Fitness
Strategies in Free Online Video

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 Complementary health care and integrative health and wellness strategies

 “The Caveman Doctor” Colin Champ and fitness guru John Spencer Ellis discuss the latest health,
 wellness and fitness strategies in a new video interview.

Online PR News – 17-November-2012 “The Caveman Doctor” Colin Champ comes to the modern age with a
brand-new interview with fitness professional John Spencer Ellis on the latest tips for living healthy, eating
well and adopting the best fitness strategies . With cutting-edge information and discussion, the duo
discuss health, wellness, nutrition , diet and more in this new interview now available at
doctor-john-spencer-ellis/ .

In the interview, Champ and Ellis discuss:
Finding the best strategies for overall health and wellness , which will vary from person to person;
New versus old philosophies on optimal health and wellness;
Baseline exams that both men and women should have throughout their lives;
The latest in sleep science;
Organic versus non-organic foods;
The benefits and limitations of Western, integrative and holistic medicine;
The range of diets that can help with detox, cancer prevention and living a long life;
Smoking and drinking;
And more

“More and more people, whether they are serious athletes, personal trainers or people who follow my blog
hoping to improve their health, are focused on living better and eating better, so I wanted to offer the
perspective from a medical doctor who also specializes in health, nutrition and wellness,” said Ellis, founder
of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a fitness and personal development solutions company.

“Reducing stress levels and getting adequate sleep is one of the best things people can do. Obviously, diet
and exercise are important, but if you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re stressed out, then your diet and
exercise will get thrown off,” Champ added.

Dr. Champ developed his passion for exercise, nutrition and health thanks to his passion for sports. He also
studied chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused further on
health and wellness. After medical school, Dr. Champ felt like there was a lack of good information available
from the medical field on constructing a healthy lifestyle and diet backed by real research. Through his own
research, he came to adopt the caveman lifestyle and diet, which focuses on high-fat, low-grain foods.

The free video discussion is available online at http://johnspencerellis.com/new-health-wellness-and-
fitness-strategies-with-the-caveman-doctor-john-spencer-ellis/ .

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