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					Beta MOC:
a redefined offering

Merrick Van Dongen
Sr. Content Product Manager
Microsoft Learning
Beta MOC

• Early to market but unproven version of a course
• Expected corrections/fixes needed
• Provided to MCTs and Learning Partners at no
    charge for readiness purposes and for delivery
• No pre-defined timeline for release

Beta MOC is RE-DEFINED as:
• An Official Microsoft Learning Product
• Based on stable pre-release software
• Targeted release by the software RTM date
• Adheres to enhanced quality measures
• Available to Learning Partners at a cost for delivery to customers
• Still available to MCTs (Download Center) as an early course for readiness purposes (no fee)

 2 | Beta MOC: a redefined offering
Beta MOC
Value proposition for MCTs and Learning Partners / Expectations

Why make Beta MOC a commercial offering?
•   In order to meet partner and customer early-adopter needs for reliable content on new software, Microsoft is
    initiating a process to bring an early MOC product to market for use in the classroom prior to software RTM
•   There is value as well as increased costs to Microsoft in providing high-quality early MOC content to market for
    partners to offer to customers, which is why Beta MOC will have a charge that’s consistent with final-release MOC

Value of Beta MOC to MCTs and Learning Partners
•   Made available on a predictable basis to MCTs and Partners by software RTM, Beta MOC will be in market between 3
    and 6 months before the final version of the MOC course is released
•   Content will be the same length as final MOC and cover the objective domain of the associated certification exam
•   Enhanced quality assurance, testing of content & labs, and stricter release criteria
•   Eligible for KPI credit and SATV redemption
    –   SATV Program Agreement is updated allowing Beta MOC to be redeemable through SA Training Vouchers
•   Target release dates will be promoted early so Partners can pre-sell; available as an early-readiness resource for MCTs

•   Beta MOC targeted to only experienced MCTs who have used or are familiar with beta content
•   There should be an expected trade-off between the value of content timeliness and the polish of the content (typos,
    lighter depth to be expected) based upon the feature-completeness of the software used to build Beta MOC
•   Beta MOC is available in digital form only (no printed classroom materials)
    3 | Beta MOC: a redefined offering
Beta MOC

All courseware components of final release MOC will be available for Beta MOC:
•      Instructor/Student Handbook, PowerPoint Module files, Labs, Setup guide, Trainer Prep Guide

All Beta MOC course deliverables follow the same specifications as DMOC with the following
•      No Companion Content in Cloud
•      No OneNote Trainer Kit
•      Course content on features that are not included or complete in the prerelease software may be missing or incomplete.
•      Minimal Instructor notes for all topic types except for demos and labs.
•      The PowerPoint slides may have fewer graphics or animations that visually aid in illustrating the key learning points.
•      The course may contain typographical errors and other minor editorial issues.
•      The Trainer Prep Guide and Mod 0 templates contain additional text/slide to set Beta MOC expectations for trainers
       and students.

All components missing from Beta MOC as described above will be included in the MOC final
release. In no way do these missing components affect:
•      Students’ ability to complete the course successfully
•      Experienced MCT’s ability to teach the course
•      Coverage of the exam objective domain

    4 | Beta MOC: a redefined offering
Not all courses will have a Beta MOC release
Available & Next releasing Beta MOC titles & Orderable timelines:
                                                                                                             Beta MOC Release
 Product No                                   Product Title                                 Exam Alignment

  10747 AB    Beta: Administering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager                     70-243          January 2012

  10748 AB    Beta: Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager                         70-243          January 2012

  10774 AB    Beta: Querying Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012                                       70-461          January 2012

  10775 AB    Beta: Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases                        70-462          January 2012

  10776 AB    Beta: Developing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases                           70-464         February 2012

  10777 AB    Beta: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012             70-463         February 2012

  10778 AB    Beta: Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012      70-466         February 2012
              Beta: Configuring and Troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 Applications
   6439 AB    Infrastructure                                                                   70-643          March 2012
  10750 AB     Beta: Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012
                                                                                               70-246           April 2012
  10751 AB     Beta: Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012
                                                                                               70-247           April 2012

Please consult the Product Release Schedule on Campaign Factory for updates on Beta MOC course release dates and status
Beta MOC: Key Take-aways

• Digital-only offering

• For Learning Partners:
   • Look for updates on specific Beta MOC titles, including expected release
     dates, on the Product Release Schedule in Campaign Factory.
   • Identify audiences to which early content can be marketed/ promoted

• For MCTs:
   •   When released, use Beta MOC for preparatory purposes

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