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Minuteman Senior Services
Board of Members
March 7, 2007

Present: Harold Forbes, Arlington; Harry McCabe, Arlington; Dorothy Sullivan,
Arlington; Penny Schowalter, Bedford; Frank Sibley, Boxborough; Bernadette
Whittington, Burlington; Jean Sain, Carlisle; Mary Ann Allen, Concord; Barbara Ciampa,
Lexington; Anne Marie Rowse, Harvard; Donald Cozzens, Littleton; June Thuillier,
Wilmington; Marcia Wood, Winchester; Ann Irving, Member-at-Large; Robert Krieg,
Member-at-Large; Joanne Scianna, Member-at-Large

Absent: Suzanne Brozek, Acton; Irving Rothman, Lexington; John Caswell, Lincoln;
Ben Iannarelli, Maynard; Mary Lattuca, Maynard; Nancy Chaisson, Stow; Jean Cronin,
Woburn; John DeCata, Woburn

1) President Harold Forbes called the meeting to order at 9:17 am, declared a quorum
   present, and turned the meeting over to Penny Schowalter, Minuteman Board
   Member from Bedford.

2) Know Our Communities Presentation - BEDFORD

     Penny introduced Pat LeVan, Co-Director for the Bedford Council on Aging; Shelly
     Moll, Selectman Liaison to Bedford COA; and Mary Narcisi, Bedford COA Member
     and former Minuteman Board Member. The COA in Bedford offers extensive
     services to seniors in Bedford including case management, crisis management,
     information and referral, job matching, assistance with benefits, transportation to
     medical appointments, home safety evaluations, and more. The Bedford COA is
     housed in a new community center in Bedford. Additional information about the
     Bedford COA is provided on the attached handout.

3) Business Meeting - After a short break, the business meeting resumed at 10:28 a.m.

4) Money Management Program - The proposal regarding the expansion of the Money
   Management Program, which was postponed from the last meeting, was then taken
   up. Joan Butler provided additional information about the cost of additional liability
   insurance and proposed a fee structure of $30 per month with staff discretion to lower
   or waive the fee under certain hardship circumstances to be determined in the near
   future (see attachment). After some discussion, Ann Irving moved that Minuteman
   (a) expand the Money Management Program to seniors who exceed the income
   and asset eligibility requirements of the current program, (b) charge a fee of $40
   per month with staff discretion to lower or waive the fee under certain hardship
   circumstances, (c) increase the liability insurance to $100,000, (d) request that
   Joan Butler report back to the Board with additional information about
   bonding. Joanne Scianna seconded the motion, and VOTED.

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5) Minutes - The minutes of the last meeting were approved. It was moved by Ann
   Irving, seconded by Frank Sibley, and VOTED with Harry McCabe abstaining.

6) Membership Committee - Marcia Wood, reporting on behalf of the Membership
   Committee, introduced Ann Marie Rowse, our new Board member from Harvard.

7) Member Profiles - Marcia Wood provided the results of the Member profiles and
   reported the following:
          i) A majority of members are over the age of 60, with only 4 members under
               the age of 60
          ii) 4 members are working in healthcare
          iii) 6 members are retired from healthcare
          iv) 9 members have advanced degrees
          v) 5 members have or have had involvement in the political system
      It was agreed that Marcia will create a summary of each profile to present to
      Members in the near future.

8) Board Orientation - A sign-up sheet for Board Member Orientation was distributed
   to members. The Board Orientation will be held at 11:00 a.m. following the regular
   Board Meeting on April 4, 2007. A light lunch will be provided.

9) Executive Director Monthly Report - Executive Director Joan Butler reviewed her
   monthly Board Report, notes for which were distributed at the meeting (see attached
   Board Report).

     a) It was decided that Joan will provide a summary of the You Can Toolkit to Board
     b) Kevin Murphy, Minuteman Contracts Manager, will be the main guest at the
        April and May Board Meetings. Quality reports of Minuteman’s purchased
        service contracts will be the focus of the April meeting. In May, members will
        review the purchased service contracts and rates and will be asked to vote.
     c) The Equal Choice Lobby Day will be held on April 9 at 2:00 p.m. in the State
        House. Board Members who are interested in participating should notify Lori
        Pollock and let her know if they want to leave from Minuteman or will meet us at
        the State House.
     d) The Volunteer Breakfast will be held on April 27 at 9:00 a.m. at the Hilton
        Garden Inn in Burlington. Dr. Edward Hallowell will be the guest speaker. Dr.
        Hallowell is the founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional
        Health in Sudbury, MA, a member of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School
        from 1983 to 2004, and author of several books including Driven to Distraction.
     e) Minuteman has had four difficult Protective Service cases in the past two weeks,
        which resulted in three no-trespass orders.

10) Unfinished Business

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     a) Bylaws and Manual - Harold Forbes announced that the executive committee
        has been reviewing the bylaws and manual and will present revised documents at
        the June meeting for a vote.
     b) Board Retreat - Because of cost and other factors, the Board Retreat will be held
        at Minuteman in lieu of the regular August Board meeting.
     c) July Meeting - The July meeting will be cancelled

11) New Business
    a) Boston Conference - Mary Ann Allen disclosed that there is a conference in
       Boston on April 30 and May 1 regarding affordable housing and aging in place.
       Joan is attending and has one slot available. Joan will send out more information
       in an email
    b) Home Repair - Bob Krieg suggested that Minuteman consider discussing
       whether Minuteman has a role in helping seniors with home repair. Joan
       suggested that we discuss this during our strategic positioning meeting in August.

12) At 11:33 a.m., June Thuillier made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded
    by Don Cozzens, and approved by all.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Pollock

Next Meeting: The April meeting will be held at 9:15 a.m. on April 4, 2007 at
Minuteman. A meeting announcement and agenda will be distributed to members before

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