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aldo by xuyuzhu


									                             AlDO XOCHIHUA
                                                   ARC Graduate 2004
                                     TRUCKEE HIGH SCHOOL, 2007
D escribe Your Best Experience at ARC:                              Who is Your Role M odel? Why?
         My best experience at ARC was when we went to do
different challenges with my group members and I would be                     Michael Jordan is my role model, because he always
there to support them through everything. I would always try        played 100% and he was always thinking of others. He
to help others when they struggled and push them so they            involved his teammates and accomplished great things.
could better themselves. Group members knew they could
depend on me when they struggled.

How D id You Change After ARC?                                      Passions:

 Before I came to the ARC program I never had confidence            My passions in life is to help others and make a positive
and I counted on others. But after the program I was more           change in others lives . I will save as many people as possible
confident in everything I did, and I became more independent.       when I work as a paramedic and influence others to do the
I now love to try new things and I am willing to be more            same. I love fire, and love putting it out. It has been my long
spontaneous and take risks thanks to the program.                   life dream to become a fire fighter.

What Are Your Goals for the Future?                                 Work Experience : I have worked at Village Pizzeria
                                                                    from 9/23/2004 until today, I worked as a busser, a to go

          I will attend REMSA for paramedic schooling, then         server, a host, and now I am a server. I love the job and the
upon graduation find a fire fighting position in the Tahoe          atmosphere. I have worked with North Tahoe Fire

area. My ultimate goal is to save as many lives as I can.           Department since 3/23/08 for observation and hands on time
                                                                    with patients. I have also been at Truckee Forest Hospital
                                                                    3/27/08 and did observation time.

 What Are Your Strengths?                                           .GPA:    3.00,
           I’m very independent but I also work well with others;   ACAD EM IC AWARD S: Honor roll in High School
 if I have any obstacle in my way I will never give up and I will   AWARD S: I was nominated for most athletic, I also
 work until it is finished. I work well under stress, and I am      received two coach’s award for track and field, and cross
 proficient at patient care. I am bilingual, and have great         country running.
 communications skills. I am a great leader and know how to
 take orders.

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