My Future Career Timnesha by xuyuzhu


									My Future Career

     Timnesha Baylor
    Sept12,08 7th period
RN Nurse

• Pictures of nurses.

• Nurses must graduate from a
  nursing program
• It takes about 2 years of college
  to finish or associate a degree
  in nursing.
It takes about 4 years to finish a
  bachelor degree in nursing.
And a nurse diploma program
  usually takes about 3 years.
Nature of Work

• Nurses or RN take care of sick
  and injured people.
• They also give people medicine.
• They treat also treat wounds.
• And they give emotion support
  to their patients and their

• Nurses earn between $47,710
  and $69,850 in 2006.
• The lowest paid is 10% came
  less than$40,250.The highest
  paid 10% made more than

• Registered nurses are in the
  largest health care occupation.
  They held about 2.5 million jobs
  in 2006. About 3 out of 5 worked
  in hospitals. About 1 out of 5
  worked part time.
My Choice

• I want to be a nurse because it
  is a fun and serious job.I also
  like being a nurse because I
  take other people life serious.
Thank You

• I want to say thank for watching
  my power point project. And
  being able to let you know what
  I want to be in life.

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