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									PromoPays Is Obtaining Licence For Custom T-shirts

Mississauga, ONT, 17-NOV-2012 - PromoPays, custom t-shirt Mississauga
firm and John Simos, spokesperson, are happy to make an announcement that
PromoPays is in the process of obtaining a licence for production and
distribution of custom t-shirts Mississauga businesses can utilize in
marketing campaigns. Custom printed t-shirts Mississuaga residents wear
are the type of promotional item that is hard to ignore.

When wearing custom t-shirts Mississauga business customers not only are
reminded of the company that provided the item, but also are visible to
others who may not have been aware of the promoting company previously.
As others see the message on the shirt, there is a growing name
recognition. This type of promotional item is a strong marketing tool.

According   to John Simos, company spokesperson, "PromoPays has been
obtaining   more licence agreements in last quarter of 2012. If there are
companies   looking to expand their licences, now is the time to contact
PromoPays   while they are still accepting new agreements."

Because the range of products is at an exciting level, the businesses
that enter into licensing agreements can find images and colors that
match existing logos and designs. Alternately, the professionals at
PromoPays are ready to help plan a new campaign that presents a bold look
to attract customers.

Learn more about the products and catalogue items portrayed on the
company website by visiting the links found at
of-service/custom-tshirts-for-mississauga.html today. If press corps
members have questions about the details in this notice, they are
encouraged to direct queries to Mr. Simos at the location described in
the following information.

Contact Person Name: John Simos

Company Name: PromoPays Inc

Address: 2576 Dunwin Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5P6

Contact Telephone Number: (416) 233-3325

Toll Free Contact Telephone Number: (888) 711-3114

Fax Telephone Number: (416) 233-6460



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