Abstract Manually Operating Harvesting Machine by DimpuTripathi



       India is a developing country and agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy.
Indian economy is based on an agrarian structure which is further strengthened by tertiary
sector. In India agriculture is the main occupation and 60-75% of people are engaged in
agriculture. After independence urbanization process took pace in India. Although there is lots
of development done in Industrial and IT sector but the agriculture sector is not up to that mark.
The agricultural sector can be developed by applying various technologies which can be useful
for the day to day life of the farmers. The designs of the basic farming machineries are not
changed from past few years due to the lack of the interest of the educated class people towards
agriculture sector.
                               The project discussed in this report Manually Operated
Harvesting Machine aims in providing assistance to the farmers in harvesting of crops. The
mechanism uses the man force rather than using the electricity or the petroleum products. This
project deals with development of the low cost mechanism for harvesting of different crops.
                              Manually operated harvesting machine consists of primary cutter
and the thresher blade .The primary cutter pulls the crop inside the mechanism and the thresher
blade removes the grains and the grains are collected at the bottom through Hooper and the
husk is removed by the hand from the mechanism.
                               The main objective of the project is to build some broad idea
about how development of the Manually operated harvesting machine is beneficial for rural
area... If we concentrate on the development of agricultural sector our economy can increase by
significant amount.

Keywords: - agriculture, technology, agrarian sector.

Vindhyavesh Tripathi(vatripathi@rediffmail.com)

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