University_Campaign_Associate_List by xuyuzhu


									                   Department      Campaign Associate
Accounting                         Allison Stevens
Administrative Systems             Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Adult Health and Nursing Systems   Deborah Lewis
Advancement Services               Tom Burke
Afro American Study                Gail Bartee
Allied Health, Dean's Office       Amy Ewing
Alumni Relations                   Tom Burke
Anatomy                            Sharon Toussaint
Anesthesiology                     Sherrie Payne
Animal Care Facility               Kathy Person
Application Services               Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Art Education                      Jody Symula,
Art Foundation Program             Jody Symula,
Art History                        Jody Symula,

Athletics Office                   Meghan Millar
AVP Bus Srv and Treas Off          Jacob Long
Biochemistry                       Carmelda Fleming
Biology                            Stephanie Millican
Biomedical Engineering             Florence Johnson
Biostatistics                      Cynthia Sabo
Brandcenter                        Andrea Groat

Budget and Res Analysis            Jacob Long
Budget Operations                  Jacob Long
Business Services                  Liz Beirne
Campus Police                      Jennifer Brown
Career Counseling Center           Sara Kohout
Center For Environmental Study     Pam Allred-Irby
Center for Human Needs                contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Center for Professional Growth CPG    Ashley Pleasants
Center for Sport Leadership           Ashley Pleasants
Center for Teaching Excellence        contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Center for Translational Science      contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Center On Aging                       Ed Ansello
Center on Health Disparities          contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Chemical Engineering                  Florence Johnson
Chemistry                             Diane Ruff
Cinema Department                     Jody Symula,
Clinical Lab Sciences                 Ron Sauer
Cmmwlth Ctr for Health System Innov   Susan Cross
Community Service Programs            Laura Georgiadis
Computer Center                       Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Computer Science                      Florence Johnson
Construction and Inspection           Evelyn Hinant
Continuing Education Sch of Med       contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Continuing Education Sch of Med       contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Continuing Education Sch of Med       contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Core Education                        Jess Hill or Marilyn Day
Cost Analysis                         Jacob Long
Crafts                                Jody Symula,
Ctr for the Study of Biological Com   Pam Allred-Irby
Dance Choreography                    Jody Symula,
Dean of Student Affairs MCV           Jan Coury
Deans Office Engineering              Florence Johnson
Dean's Office, School of the Arts     Jody Symula,
Dean's Office, Student Affairs        Jan Coury
Department of Assurance Services      Alicia Styles
Dermatology                           Sharondia Smith
Development                           Tom Burke
Div of Health Sciences Diversity      contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Division for Academic Success         contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Division of Community Engagement      Laura Georgiadis
Economics                             Allison Stevens
EEO AA Office                         Melody Harris
Electrical and Computer Engineering   Florence Johnson
Emergency Medicine                    contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Employee Health                       Debbie Fitzgerald
English                               Derek Van Buskirk
Environmental Health and Safety       Carol Akers
Epidemiology and Community Health     Kelly Bowery
Faculty Dev and Research, Arts        Jody Symula,
Family and Community Health Nursing   Deborah Lewis
Family Medicine                       Dana Rajczewsk
Fashion                               Jody Symula,
Finance Insurance and Real Estate     Allison Stevens
Financial Aid                         Kendall Hicks
Financial Reporting                   Jacob Long
FMD Administration                    Donna Thornburg
Forensic Science                      Jo Murphy
Foundation Accounting Services        Tom Burke
Gender Sexuality and Womens Studies   Gail Bartee
Genetics                              Linda Downes-Piazza
Gerontology Program                   Regina Kenny
Global Education Office               Elizabeth Hiett
Government Relations                 Rosalind Harris
Graduate School                      Dawn Fields
Grants and Contracts                 Christine Tanner-Walker
Graphic Design                       Jody Symula,
Health Administration                Suzanne Havasy
Healthcare Policy and Research       Jessica Carey
History                              John Kneebone
Honors College                       Carol Ann Irby
Human and Molecular Genetics         Linda Downes-Piazza
Human Resources                      Debbie Fitzgerald
Humanities and Sciences              Michelle Wilde
Information Systems                  Allison Stevens
Inst for Drug Alcohol Stud           contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Institute for Womens Health          contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Interior Design                      Jody Symula,
Internal Medicine                    contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Intersession Studies                 contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Kinetic Imaging                      Jody Symula,
Legal Affairs Office                 Sandy Rew
Life Sciences                        Pam Allred-Irby
Management                           Allison Stevens
Marketing                            Allison Stevens
Mass Communication                   Frances Lynch
Massey Cancer Center                 April Engram
Massey Core Labs                     April Engram
Mathematical Sciences                Holly Mangione
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering   Florence Johnson
Medicinal Chemistry (Pharmacy)       Scott Crenshaw
Microbiology and Immunology           Martha VanMeter
Mid Atlantic Twin Registry            Clara Sine
Military Science                      Gail Bartee
MSW Program                           Pam Duffus
Multicultural Student Affairs         Janet Coury
Museum of The Arts                    Jody Symula,
Music                                 Jody Symula,
Network and Telecommunications Svcs   Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Network Services                      Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Neurology                             Diane Atkinson
Neurosurg Dent                        Tamika Parker
Nurse Anesthesia                      Elizabeth Howell
Ob Gyn                                Amy Helvey
Occupational Therapy                  Lawrencine Smith
Office of Admissions                  Diane Dettmore
Office of Research                    Clara Sine
Office of Student Services            Elise Via
Ophthalmology                         contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Otolaryngology                        contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Painting and Printmaking              Jody Symula,
Parking and Transportation            Alicia Bishop
Parkinsons Center of Excellence       Pat Holmes
Pathology                             Garry Land
Patient Counseling Program            contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Payroll Accounting                    Debbie Fitzgerald
Pediatrics                            Julia Ayscue
Pharmaceutics                         Scott Crenshaw
Pharmacology and Toxicology           contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Sci      Scott Crenshaw
Philosophy                            Jennifer Elswick
Photography                           Jody Symula,
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitatio   contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Physical Plant                        Jessica Gaines
Physical Therapy                      Tammy Butler
Physics                               Janice Guyer
Physiology and Biophysics             contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
President Emeritus                    Melody Harris
President's Office                    Elaine Abernethy
Procurement Services                  John Hornback
Provost And Vp Acad Affairs           Melody Harris
Psychiatry                            Elizabeth Cunningham
Psychology                            contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Qatar Campus                          Jody Symula,
Radiation Oncology                    contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Radiologic Technology                 Ferell Justice
Radiology                             Carolyn Lee
Records and Registration              Elise Via
Recreational Sports West              Karen Carden
Rehab Counseling                      Keysha Bailey
Retail Services                       Liz Beirne
School of Business                    Allison Stevens
School of Dentistry                   Marie Baker-Roach
School of Education                   Ashley Pleasants
School of Medicine                    Karen Olinger
School of Nursing                     Deborah Lewis
School of Pharmacy                    Scott Crenshaw
School of World Studies               Gina Kovarsky
Sculpture                             Jody Symula,
Social and Behavioral Health          Brenda Barker
Social Work                           Pam Duffus
Statistical Sciences                  Caitlyn Bergendahl
Student Accounting                    contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Student Commons                       Sharron Burnette
Student Health                        Teri L Luehrs
Surgery                               Donna Hensel
Surgery Neurosurgery                  Tamika Parker
Surgery Orthopedic                    Kevin O'Keefe
Technology Services                   Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Telecommunications Services           Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
Theatre                               Jody Symula,
Treasury Services                     Tamara Ingram
University College                    Jess Hill or Marilyn Day
University Counseling                 Beth Parsons
University Housing                    Margaret Bates
University Libraries                  MJ Green and Christine Gomola Mullin
University Relations                  Kasey R Odom and Jessica T Bello
User Services                         Diane Talley and Linda Hairfield
VCU Supply Center                     Clara Sine
VP Development and Alumni Relations   Tom Burke
VP Finance and Administration         Jacob Long
VP Health Sciences                    contact Debbie Fitzgerald, HR
Vp Student Affairs                    Jan Coury
Wilder School                         Tina Braden

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