Norwalk CT Chiropractors, Drs. Brenda And Erik Slovin, Help Locals Suffering With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by AndrwKar69


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									Norwalk CT Chiropractors, Drs. Brenda And Erik Slovin, Help Locals
Suffering With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Norwalk, CT, 17-NOV-2012 - Slovin Chiropractic Center and the Norwalk
chiropractor team professionals, Dr. Brenda Slovin and Dr. Eric Slovin,
are pleased to announce that locals who are experiencing the pain and
related symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, can obtain significant
reduction or elimination of the pain. The techniques offered by the
doctors are in accordance with chiropractic philosophy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the label applied to a group of symptoms
affecting the parts of the hand controlled by the median nerve. This
includes the thumb, palm, middle finger, index finger and sometimes the
thumb side of the ring finger. The median nerve affects the sensation in
these areas

The median nerve runs through a relatively narrow channel in the wrist.
It doesn't require much irritation to the nerve and surrounding tissue
for swelling to occur. The pressure on the nerve causes blockage of the
electrical signals going to and from the brain. It also causes a
sensation of pain. Because the signals are not received correctly, there
may be weakness in the fingers, numbness, tingling or pain.

Regardless of the cause of CTS in a specific patient, the doctors have
the expertise to determine how to reduce the pressure on the nerves. This
in turn reduces pain and weakness. Improving the circulation in the area,
heat and cold therapy, and massage are measures that can be used. The
techniques provided under chiropractic philosophy are gentle and non-

Learn more about the chiropractic philosophy that is applicable to carpal
tunnel syndrome by visiting the Norwalk chiropractor website at today. Members of the press and others who have
additional questions about the information found in this specific press
release can contact the doctors at the location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Brenda Slovin, D. C., or Dr. Eric Slovin, D. C.

Company Name: Slovin Chiropractic Center

Address: 205 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851

Toll-Free Contact Telephone Number: (888) 840-1550



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