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					Shri Vindhya Mechancal
  A complete Engineering Solution
    Business Proposal For

    Manufacturing of i-BipT
And Marketing of BipT (Product)
           V. A. Tripathi
     What is i-BipT machine?
• i-Bipt is Flat Die Bipt Press machine, a
  machine used for process Biomass
  Material to wood Bipt.

• On Rural Consideration it can also use for
  processing the feedstuff for animal, such
  as feed for fish, chicken, etc.

• Final wood Bipt can be burned as green
  fuel in Bipt stove or boiler.
What is Product Called BipT

•The data not given by any authorized organization, its prepare by data available on internet.

                  Why i-BipT machine And BipT?
                 • Price:-
                 Competitive and stable pricing than does
                  kerosene and natural gas.
                  Supported by the green tax policy, BipT as a
                  fuel is encouraged to be used as a
                  countermeasure against global warming.
             Item                                     Cost                          Application Efficiency   Cost per Million BTU
             BipT                          190USD/Ton                                             80%              14.48
       Fuel Oil # 2                      3.58USD/Gallon                                           78%              33.25
         Electricity                      0.12USD/KWH                                            100%              35.16
       Natural Gas                       1.39USD/Therm                                            78%              17.38
  LP Gas / Propane                       2.83USD/ Gallon                                          78%              39.72
Hardwood(Air dried )                      200USD/Cord                                             60%              16.66
             Coal                          250USD/Ton                                             75%              10.89
       Wide Material Source:
 Wood and biomass pellet fuel, has competitive
  and stable pricing, is clean burning and
  produces little pollution.
 The moisture content can be easily controlled
  during the production process.
 The raw material sources are very wide, such as
  wood waste (residual sawdust, wood shavings,
  wood peelings, etc.), yard debris (grass, leaves,
  tree sticks, forsythia, wisteria, woody bushes,
  etc.), farm waste (corn cobs, corn stalks, straw
  from plants, etc.) and other residues biomass
  waste. We can recycle energy from the above
  Environmentally Friendly:

• Carbon-neutral is the green image and
  advantage of BipT fuel. Burning BipT fuel
  liberates less CO2 which is stored during the
  lifetime of plant, and is harmless to the
• On other hand burning of fossil fuels will free
  extra CO2 into atmosphere which have been
  stored for over a million years, accelerating
  global warming.

• BipT are produced with uniform moisture
  content, shape, size, and density, matching
  the needs from the automated combustion
  systems of stoves,boilers and traditional
• It also takes up less space in storage than
  other biomass fuels because they have a
  higher energy content by Weight
Power(kW) :- 3

Output (kg/h) 40-80 Apprx

Measurements (mm) 710*390*910

N.W/G.W (kg) 100 Kg Apprx

 Can Be work with PTO arrangement (By means of Tractor)
         Marketing Strategy
• We have well define strategy on the basis
  of 4p’s of marketing (Product, place,price,

• We can ask government for subsidise our
  product as it comes under same category
        Moto Of Presentation

• Need Financial Support For Launching
  The Machine and Product in Indian
• Investors are treated as Partial owner of
  the organization
• Profit will be distributed on the basis of %
  investment made by stakeholder
        If you are Interested
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Shri Vindhya Mechanical

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