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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Northwest Tech Career Fair
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             October 18, 2005


Selling Points                                                                                                            Pricing Information
Better applicant pool via IEEE, SAO, OGI, PRCNW, and word of mouth (no mass advertising)                                  $995 per table
Cheaper than other sources                                                                                                $695 if paid by Oct ??
Unique skills matching system                                                                                             $495 for companies in business less than two years (or for first-time companies???)
                                                                                                                          $200 for a spot on a table for resumes
TBD attended last fair                                                                                                    Oct. , 3-7p
"Best appliant pool from any event, ever" TBD, Radisys                                                                    No refunds after Oct. ??

     Color Code:             Not Interested                Unlikely                Possible                               Probably              Definite

Acct Patricipate
.         d      Empl        Name                          City                    Contact/s                              Phone                 E-mail                                                                                               Requires Power                       Industry
ED                           Boeing/Ready Tech             Everett, WA             Mona Whitt                                                       8/23 requested info

ED                           Boeing, Seattle                                       Misty                                  1-800-254-1591        employmentoperations@boeing.c BJ 9/25 older contact info
                                                                                   Doug Sisler                            1-206-655-5295        om
                                                                                   Stan Weeks                             1-205-655-5259
ED                           Clearsight Systems            3655 131st Ave      Linda Wright                               425-653-4123          linda.wright@clearsightsystems.c 9/8 Paul sent lead
                                                           Suite 602 Bellevue,                                                                  om
                                                           WA 98006-1390

BJ                 14500 Intel Oregon                      Hillsboro, OR           Janie Mason (WA contact)                                     Janie.c.mason@intel                                                                                                   computer manufacturers
                                                                                   Kristin Dagg (hillsboro)               408-765-3734
                                                                                   Shannnon Bravenec (Corp)               503-696-8080

BJ                           Mircosoft                     Redmond WA              Amber Pannu (Staffing Consultant)      650-693-2690                    8/23 Dan requested info
                                                                                   Dan Griffin Dev Lead                   425-703-9953

BJ                           Volt Technical                Seattle, WA             Anna Song                              206-444-5600                                                   james Fellman called her

BJ                     1100 Wafer Tech                     Camas, WA               Maria Petruzelli                       360-817-3000                They are going to another fair on Sept.20, want to attend                    semiconductor mfg
                                                                                                                                                                                         the next one and is interested in Seattle fair

ED                            Advanced Micro Devices                               Richard Brunner,                                   
BJ                           AZAD                                                  Aaron Richard                          503-617-9490                        8/16 . Might want to attend WA fair
                                                                                   Jennifer Auman                                     

ED                           Amazon                                                Ted Bardusch                                                                8/23 expressed interest
                             ELDEC                         Lynnwood
BJ                           FLUKE                                                 Trina.Coleman (HR)                     425 446 5085
XP                           Impinj                                                Christy Miller                         206=834-1112                8/24 wants a table
BJ                           Novellus                      Tualitin                Greg Fredericks HR                     503-685-8345 x             hiring 6 people, 9/20 not able to attend, but maybe JAN
                                                                                                                                                                                         and SEATTLE
                             Puget Sound Energy

                             Siemens Medical??


XP                           Techlink NW                   Tigard                  Donn Harvey X301                       425 957-0074
                                                                                   Tim Bruce                              x301
                                                                                                                          Toll Free 866
                                                                                                                                                                                         My have to register

                                                                                                    "B" List

BJ                           Boeing, Seattle                                       Misty                                  1-800-254-1591        employmentoperations@boeing.c
                                                                                   Doug Sisler                            1-206-655-5295        om
                                                                                   Stan Weeks                             1-205-655-5259
BV     Y                295 Cascade Microtech, Inc.        Beaverton, OR           Art Smith                              503-601-1401

BJ                          Clarity Visual                                                                                503-570-0700
BJ                          Columbia Sportswear                                    Bridgett
BJ                      171 Columbia Ultimate Bus.    Vancouver, WA                Tim Hickey, vp/product mgmt & mktg     (360) 256-7358
                            Systems, Inc.
BJ                                                    Inc.
                        300 Comsys Technical Services,Portland, OR                 Allison Beck                           503-293-2499
RS                       55 Corillian Corporation     Hillsboro, OR                Marianna Miller                        (503) 629-3300

BJ                          Credence                                               Karan Short                            503-466-7934          VM 8/25
BJ                      400 Digimarc Corp.                 Tualatin, OR            Margie Huetter                                     
                                                                                   cindy smith
RS     Y                     EdgeLink                                              Mark Schacter (Bus. Deve. Mgr.)        503-246-3989
                                                                                                                          EX 16
EP                           Ensequence
JV                           EXTENSIS Inc.                                         Rene schlachter                        503.274.2020
EP     Y                     FABRIC 7                                                                                     503 466-0018

RS                          FLIGHT DYNAMICS                                        Terry Casey (HR)                       503 443 3000
                            (Rockwell Collins)                                     Valerie Alley (HR) (503-443-3473)
RS                     1200 FLIR Systems, Inc.             Portland, OR            Shari Garboden (HR )                   372-6117                                                                                                                                    aerospace & aircraft systems & equipment
ED                          Galois
BV                          GARMIN
EP                          Gemstone Systems               Beaverton
RS     Y                    Global Resources
BV                          Hollywood Video (IT)                                   Don Dimick                             570-5161
BJ                     1200 IBM                            Beaverton, OR           Michele LeClerc                        503-578-5754                                                                                                                                computer manufacturers
BJ     Y                617 Integra Telecom                Beaverton, OR           Hollie Hemenway                        503-453-8100          hollie.hemenway@integratelecom.                                                                                       telecomm.
BV                           Intersoft                                             Rahul Reddy                            (503) 675-6700

EP     ?                     IP Fabrics

BJ                       42 Johnson Controls, Inc.         Milwaukie, OR           Cynthia Bartram HR Seattle             425-398-6903                                                                                             control equipment, products and services
BV                      300 Kentrox                        Hillsboro, OR           Debbie Pytosky                         503-350-6448                                                                                            telecomm.

BJ                           Kforce                                                Barbara Bielagus                       503-244-2700
                                                                                   Tracy Herbert
BJ                      575 Lattice Semiconductor Corp.Hillsboro, OR               Sharyll Tighe                          503-681-0118
EP                          Logitech                                               Todd Yuzuriha (Dir. Eng)               360-944-3751
                                                                                   Shara'Deen Murphy (HR Vancouver)
RS                                                     Hillsboro, OR
                       1500 Maxim Integrated Products Inc.                         Scott Anderson (HR)                    503-547-2425
BV                     2600 Mentor Graphics Corp.      Wilsonville, OR             Dianne Reddinger                       685 7000                                                                                                                                    software manufacture, dev. & research
RS                      170 Merant Pvcs Division       Hillsboro, OR               Janet Johnson, sr dir. of mkting/sls   (503) 645-1150                                                                                                                              software manufacture, dev. & research
BJ                          Micro Power                                            Rita Marie Cross                       503-693-7600                                                   They use fairs only in the 1st and 2nd quarters, see them
                                                                                                                                                                                         next year
RS                      150 Network Associates/McAffe Beaverton, OR                Kim Bige (HR)                          (503) 466-4300                                                                                                                              software manufacture, dev. & research
BJ                          New Edge Network          Vancouver, WA                Heather Johnson (HR)                   503 466-4397                                                                                                        internet services
EP                          Oregon Scientific                                                                             360-693-9009

BJ                          PolyServe                                              Lori                                   503-617-7574
BJ     Y                350 Prodx                          Portland, OR            Kathy Whinnery                         800-545-6375                                                                                                   information technology services
                                                                                                                          (503) 226-1301
EP                           Quantum Leap Technology Hillsboro, OR                 William Sproull VP Biz Dev.            503-693-9600
EP     Y                     Quality Plus Engineering                              Greg Hutchins                          503-233-1012

XP     Y     695        525 Radisys Corporation            Hillsboro, OR           Patrice Servin                         503-615-1100                                                                                            telecomm.

BJ                           RWJ Recruiters                                        Chad Fritz,                            503-612-1418
                                                                                   Krista Digiacomo                       503-612-1591
BJ                           SAIC                          Portland/Seattle                                               503-243-6175                                                   9/15 VM Check for Seattle fair, 9/19 VM

BV           495             Saber Consulting
EP                           Sharp                                                 Mollie Hubler                                                           8/15 sent email
                                                                                   Janet Baskins (SP)                     360-817-8400 #4

EP                          Swan Island
BV                                                    Beaverton, OR
                        225 Synopsys Logic Modeling Group                          Nancy Martell                                                nancy.martell@synopsis.co9m                                                                                           software manufacture, dev. & research

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                                                                                                                                                                                         Northwest Tech Career Fair
                                                                                                                                                                                              October 18, 2005

BJ     Y               4402 Tektronix, Inc.             Beaverton, OR   Patty Nelson                  503-627-4342                           test & measurement equipment
BJ                          Teseda                                                                                                                 Hiring 3 SW people
RS                      350 Timberline Software Corp.   Beaverton, OR   Curtis Peltz, pres.           (503) 690-6775                                                    software manufacture, dev. & research
BJ                     1500 Triquint Semiconductor      Hillsboro, OR   Ed Gschheidle                 503-615-9000                               semiconductors & integrated circuits
BJ                       65 Trivium Systems, Inc.       Hillsboro, OR   Mathews Manaloor, pres./ceo   503-439-9338                           software manufacture, dev. & research
RS                          Unicru                                      Monica Woolhiser
BJ                          Vanguard                                    Tesa Patton                   503-644-4808
EP                          Venture Ad Astra                            Tyler Mckinley VP/GM          503-546-8287    New start up
BV                           Vtech Phones                               Erin Bayless                         
                                                                        Carol Anderson
BJ                           Webridge                                   Kerry Bryant (Office Mgr)            
BJ                           Webtrends                                  Lois Brooks                   503-553-2774   9/7 maybe Seattle

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                                           Northwest Tech Career Fair
                                                October 18, 2005

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                                           Northwest Tech Career Fair
                                                October 18, 2005

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                                           Northwest Tech Career Fair
                                                October 18, 2005

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