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					                             Church of The Holy Family
                              Pastoral Council Meeting
                                    June 21 2007
                                    7 – 9:30 PM

Father Paul Surprenant, Pastor           Chairperson: Bill Morrison
Madonna Norton, Elected                  Vice Chair: Andy Galbus
Gary Reihl, Elected                      Greg Smith, Secretary
Bill Morrison, Elected
Andy Galbus, Elected
Greg Smith, Elected
Rose Culbertson, Trustee, Appointed
Kent Harfmann, Trustee, Appointed

I.     Call to Order Bill Morrison @ 7:05 PM
II.    Roll Call Greg Smith
       Present: Fr. Surprenant, Gary Reihl, Greg Smith, Rose Culbertson, Kent
       Harfmann, Ellen Allen, Grag Angstman
III.   Opening Prayer Father Surprenant and all
IV.    Review and approval of previous minutes Greg Smith
       Motion by Rose C. to approve the minutes as written. Second by Kent H. All in
       favor. Motion carried.
V.     Setting of the Agenda Fr. Surprenant
VI.    Reports
       A.      Parish CCW—Ellen Allen
                    Ellen Allen—Chair
                    Lois Dorschner—Vice-Chair
                    No Report
       B.      Pastoral Council Commissions
               1. Faith Formation No report
               2.      Worship and Liturgy No chairperson, no report
               3. Building and Maintenance         See Admin report
       C.      Administrative Report – Father Surprenant (Father’s notes…)
               Facililties Use Fees
              List of past users
              Do any of these renters get reduced or waived rental fees?

              Pastoral Council Elections
              Terms up for Greg Smith. Andy Galbus has resigned his position.
              Two running for positions on the council are Galen Neuzil and Colette
There will also be space for write-in candidates. Since there are two
openings, I’ll check the write-in candidates to fill the third vacancy. The
alternative is that I appoint someone.
Ballots will be in pews during all Masses—to be counted following 10:30
Sunday Mass by Bill Morrison, Greg Smith and Andy Galbus. The ballots
and results are to be presented to me in a sealed envelope.

Election of Officers

Since there is no Pastoral meeting in July or August, election of new
officers will be held at the September meeting. If the need arises, an
emergency meeting can be called.

Constitution and By-laws

I will be working on the constitution and by-laws for the Holy Family
Pastoral Council with my administrative assistant this summer in
preparing a complete and working constitution that guide the members for
the following year. I will hold a workshop with the chair, vice-chair and
secretary (executive board) on Roberts Rules of Order, the constitution
and the by-laws. My administrative assistant will be helping me with this.


Finance Council discussed the budget and Dr. Greg Angstman will be
reporting on it for the 2007-2008 fiscal year and beyond.

CK-HF Personnel Board

Dr. Greg Angstman, Teresa Prond and I will be meeting with the
bookkeeper on Saturday, June 23, taking the budget into account with
staffing proposals.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings to include all staff are scheduled to be held on a regular
basis through the 2007-2008 fiscal year.

Scheduling/calendaring meeting was held on Wednesday, June 20, 2007,
for both parishes to put all dates on the master and online calendars. This
will completed once the Faith Formation Commission and Faith
Formation Staff finalize their annual schedules.

Schedules for meetings for the next fiscal year:
       Finance Council—July 12, 2007, October 11, 2007, January 10,
2008 and April 10, 2008
        Pastoral Council – 3rd Thursday of every month except July,
August and December
        Our Pastoral Council Commission, with members from both
parishes, called the Combined Faith Formation Commission –2nd Tuesday
of every month and will give written reports to the Pastoral Council;
verbal reports will be given on occasion


1. I would like to thank Andy Galbus and Greg Smith personally and on
behalf of the whole parish, for their dedication and service as responsible
pastoral council members during their term, and the stewardship of their
time and talent shared with the community.

2. I’d also like to thank Julianne Angstman and Nadine Sullivan for all
they have done as CCW officers, as well as all the women of the parish
who helped them accomplish their tasks during the past year. Through
their stewardship of time and talent, all members of our parish have
benefited immensely.

3. Thanks to Susan Reihl, Doreen Coleman, and all of the volunteers who
made Faith Formation such a great success during the last school year.

4. I would like to welcome the new chair, Ellen Allen, to the Pastoral
Council. Her new vice-chair is Lois Dorschner. At this printing, I don’t
know who the secretary or the treasurer of the CCW will be, and I’m
looking forward to hearing from the CCW who has taken over these very
important roles in the mission of Holy Family.

5. A pot luck will be held to thank those exiting positions, and to
welcome those who have recently stepped up to assume leadership roles in
the parish. Fr. Surprenant, Ellen A., and Rose C. to organize the event to
be held in September.

Working Building and Maintenance Commission

In our Pastoral Council constitution, there will be an acknowledgement
that there will be working commissions formed. One has been established
already—the Combined Faith Formation Commission which is up and
running. A second need is a Building and Maintenance Commission. The
constitution will outline the guidelines for each commission. Joe Allen’s
name was discussed as a possible chair for the commission.
           As the administrator of these parishes, I am very fortunate to have Sue
           Pries as my assistant. Among her many duties, she is to be supportive of
           the four councils and their commissions. Under my guidance, she will be
           always encouraging that the work and action items of the councils be done
           in a timely manner. She will know the Pastoral Council’s constitution and
           by-laws and she will know the Finance Council’s constitution and by-
           laws. Therefore she will be very helpful to the workings of the councils
           and commissions, and also, the executive boards and chair persons. This
           is an awesome task but she is readily available to our parishes’ pastoral
           office. She can reached at these two numbers during working hours,
           (507-634-7520) (507-775-6455) and I know she will assist outside office
           hours as needed.

D.             Finance Council Report – Dr. Greg Angstman (address members of
           the Finance Council with questions)

                                   Holy Family Holy Family Holy Family Holy Family   Holy Family   Holy Family
                                      2002        2003        2004        2005          2006        2007 ytd
Income per month
  church support                    $17,056     $18,195     $18,484     $18,633       $19,847       $19,182
  interest income                     $96         $28         $18         $79
  Faith Formation                     $671        $792       $772         $835          $756          $583
  other income                       $1,151      $1,181      $676        $1,063        $2,542        $2,515
Total Income per month              $18,974     $20,196     $19,950     $20,610       $23,145       $22,280
Expenses per month
  Salary + benefits                  $6,263      $6,646      $6,893      $7,135        $9,878        $9,025
  Loan payments - principal          $2,300      $3,084      $4,637      $4,003        $8,651
  Loan payments - interest           $3,617      $2,833      $1,280      $1,497         $769          $167
  Utilities                          $1,765      $1,904      $1,781      $2,118        $2,426        $2,092
  Facilities                         $1,598      $1,420      $1,909      $1,778        $1,076        $1,122
  Faith Formation / Liturgy          $2,110      $1,925      $1,650      $1,843        $2,060        $1,642
  Admin and Office                    $656        $606        $621        $871          $610          $362
  Diocesan Assessment                $1,067      $1,114      $1,083      $1,158        $1,151        $1,308
  Property / Liability Insurance      $480        $552        $619        $593          $710          $825
  Misc                                $47         $33         $19         $446          $503          $908
Total Expenses per month            $19,902     $20,116     $20,493     $21,443       $27,835       $17,451

Income - Expenses (monthly)          ($929)       $81        ($542)      ($833)       ($4,690)       $4,829

Monthly Interest Payments for Loan                                                                    $871
Monthly Principal Payments for Loan                                                                  $2,679

2007 Income - Expense if paying mortgage loan                                                        $1,446

           Summary of Assets and Liabilities
                      Checking                                         $58,846
                      DOW Deposit and Loan Fund                         $2,074
                      Seeds of Faith Building Fund                     $50.369
                      DOW Parish Endowment Fund                         $6,218
                      Other                                            $30,580
                             Total Current Assets                     $148,086

                      Monthly Expenses                                 $17,451
                      Months Cash on Hand (goal=3)                     3.36
                      Total Current Liabilities                        $44,852
       Loan from Diocese of Winona           $160,731

       Cash position stabilized
       Enough cash on hand to operate for 3 months
       Enough cash in checking to cover current liabilities

Year to Date Financial Statement Summary
       Income per Month
       Church Support                         $19,182
       Interest Income
       Faith Formation                           $583
       Other Income                            $2,515
       Total Income per Month                 $22,280

       Expenses per Month
       Salary + Benefits                       $9,025
       Loan Payments – Principal
       Loan Payments – Interest                  $167
       Utilities                               $2,092
       Facilities                              $1,122
       Faith Formation/Liturgy                 $1,642
       Admin and Office                          $362
       Diocesan Assessment                     $1,308
       Property/Liability Insurance              $825
       Misc.                                     $908
       Total Expenses per Month               $17,451

       Income – Expenses (Monthly)            $4,829

       No loan payments to replenish cash flow
       First priority is to maintain our parish programs
       Second priority is to maintain our parish facilities

Parish staff to include:
        - Faith Formation Director
        - Faith Formation Assistant/Office Assistant
        - Admin. Assistant
        - Bookkeeper

      330 financial contributors per month, on average
      Need additional $5/month per contributor
      Financial presentation to parishioners at Masses  July 21st/22nd
                                                        Sept. 22nd/23rd
      Finance Council Chair to attend September Pastoral Council
                     Developing stewardship letters to parishioners
                     Bulletin & website will be updated with financial info

VII.    Old Business
        Facilities Use Policy
           List of Renters
            Name              Event
            Julianne Angstman Pancake breakfast/Blue Star Mother’s of America
            Aleta Abbott      Holiday Fun Fair/Licensed Child Care Association
                              Dodge County American Cancer Society/Relay for Life
                              Multiple dates for each
           Lynn Sturgis       Pancake breakfast/K-M Exchange Club
           LaVonne Feerksen Fall Expo—LaVonne has vendors come in for this
           Shelly Bielen      K-M Juniors (Testing)
           Sara Coonradt      Bridal Shower for friend
           Karen Besch        K-M Elementary Conflict Managers
           Teresa Neuzil      Relay for Life Pancake Breakfast
           Linda & John Buchl Graduation Party
           K-M High School    LINK Crew
           Lorraine Flicek    Bridal Shower
           Candice Sannes     Festival in The Park—pancake breakfast
           Clark Johnson      K-M High School Music Contests and Concerts
           Marjorie Rapp      Mantorville Chamber of Commerce Welcome Dinner
           Kerri Snyder       K-M High School Junior Testing
           Any Kunkel         Dodge County Family Services Peer Meeting
                              Boy Scout Dens
VIII:                         Girl Scout Group
           Ron Norton (?)     Lions Club
            Working Building and Maintenance Commission
            1. Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, member of Finance Council, liaison of
               Pastoral Council, and any other interested persons
            2. When and how often to meet: Nine times/year prior to Pastoral Council
IX.     Closing Prayer/Adjournment
        Motion to adjourn by Gary R. and seconded by Kent H. All in favor. Motion

Next Pastoral Council Meeting (@ Holy Family Church): July 19th, 7PM
Combined parishes Pastoral/Finance Councils meeting: June 28th, 7PM

Please note: Pastoral Council meetings are open for parishioners to attend;
however, any parishioner wishing to address the Council must request a place on
the agenda in advance of the meeting.

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