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					Now Jr….

“Ugggh! I hate you I hate you!” “Now
Jr. is that any way to talk to your

                                           Stuffed bear? You have to learn how to
                                           control your anger! Now one day will be
                                           stung right back in the butt for doing
                                           this” said mamma. Well he fell off of the
                                           bed and ran away from me!!!! As I’m
                                           ripping his head off! …

 15 years later…

One day Jr. Was walking very hungry        still hungry” as Jr. is growling! Ohh wait
“Ugggggghhhhhhh I need food and a lot      Jr. Spots something else he spots food
of it!” Jr. Thought I’m in the mood for    jr. saw a nest of honey “mmmmmm
some yummy yummy fish but what did         honey as his taste buds are tingling
he spot? A fisher man fishing in HIS       honey” he thought to himself. Now
SPOT!!!!!! So Jr. darted up to him,        darting up the hill Jr. Yanks down the
threw him into the water, and started      nest of honey. Something pops out of it
pounding rocks on his body! Jr.            it’s a bee!!!! “Heyy Heyy buddy what do
Thought “Wow what a jerk he scared all     you think your doing!!!??? This is my
of the fish away” as the fisher men was    home and all of my brothers and sisters
lying there hurt and covered in blood!!!   live here so don’t destroy it!!!” screamed
Jr. thought “enough of fish, now I’m in    the bee. “Nooooo” this is my honey you
the mood for berries”Jr. Said Jr. is       little brat now get away now, now all of
moving rapidly up the hill to the berry    the bees come out and start to sting all
bush when he sees that there is not one    the way back to his mamas house out of
berry on the berry bush!!!! One of the     breath and tells his mama everything
other bear idiots must have ate the last   and his mama says” Now jr. didn’t I tell
berry. Jr. got so mad that he smashed      you that you would get stung for doing
the bush to the ground and spit on top     some thin naughty” says his mama “yes
of it to top it off. “HHmmmmmm me          mama “Jr replies…

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