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					AstoriA Community ConneCtion
                                                                                                                                                  FALL 2012 Volume 3, Issue 1

                                                                              The Tale of Two Therapy Successes
                                                                              It is not always an orthopedic procedure
                                                                              that requires short-term rehabilitation
                                                                              to empower our guests to return to
                                                                              their active lifestyle. At times, common
                                                                              ailments, such as the flu, result in
At ASTORIA Skilled Nursing and                                                weakening the body to a point that
Rehabilitation... “IT’S ALL ABOUT LIVING.”                                    physical, occupational, and speech
                                                                              therapies are necessary. The Therapy
                                                                              and Nursing Teams at Astoria can
With Private and Semi-Private accommodations,
                                                                              develop an individualized strategy for
social and dining activities, wireless Internet                               recovery from the medical ailment,
access, cable TV, and Spa available, the                                      while you regain the strength you need          Astoria guest Janice James and her husband,
comforts of everyday life are not lost to the                                 to KEEP LIVING.                                 Arthur, enjoying a summer lunch on one of
routine of healing and recovery.                                                                                              our courtyards with our own Brooke Sellers,
                                                                              Janice James was admitted to Astoria in         Speech Therapist.
Our Private Rehab-Recovery Suites offer personal                              July 2012 due to complications from pneumonia. Her body was so weak that she was unable to
privacy, large private baths, flat screen TVs, cable                          feed herself, let alone walk safely and take care of her personal needs. Janice required extensive
TV, and Wi-Fi access, leaving you the time to focus                           assistance with her bathing, dressing, and transferring from her chair to bed, and she was unable
on recovery and returning home.                                               to walk ten feet. Due to the pneumonia and risk for Pulmonary Aspiration (when food or drink
                                                                              enters the lungs), she was placed on an altered diet texture, which included only soft foods.
Our private therapy entrance offers Outpatient
                                                                              Together, Astoria’s Therapy and Nursing Teams developed a personalized care path that has
Rehabilitation Services, including physical,                                  helped Janice meet her goal of going home to her loving and devoted husband, Arthur. The
speech, and occupational therapies to our                                     Nursing Team helped Janice battle pneumonia through antibiotic treatments, oxygen therapy,
community clients in our state-of-the-art                                     and continuous communication with her doctor. The Therapy Team developed a program that
Astoria Rehabilitation Gym.                                                   helped to maximize the energy Janice did have with exercises to build more strength.

At ASTORIA, each member of our community                                      After five weeks of treatment and continual support and encouragement from both her family
resides in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation,                             and the Astoria Team, Janice has achieved many of her goals. She is now able to walk 160 feet;
dignity, enhanced social interaction, and                                     transfer from her bed, chair, and car with minimal assistance; and complete her daily activities,
personal well-being.                                                          such as feeding herself. In a few short weeks, Janice is expected to return to her previous lifestyle
                                                                              at home with her husband.
For your Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing
                                                                              Karen Hernandez came to Astoria in August 2012
needs, join the Astoria Community today!                                      following a total knee replacement, but that was not
                                                                              the only thing she was battling. Karen also suffers
       ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF                                                   from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, both of which
                                                                              can negatively affect the healing process. She required
Dr. Jyothi Gudla, MD ............................. Medical Director
                                                                              assistance with her functional mobility, including
Nicole Jablonski, LNHA .............................. Administrator           getting in and out of bed, dressing, and homemaking.
Vicky Grella......................................Community Relations         Karen was also only able to walk 20 feet.
Cassie Johnstone............................................Guest Services    Astoria’s Nursing Staff was able to control the pain
Stephanie Gardiner, RN ......................Director of Nursing              associated with her surgery, as well as the rheumatoid
Anna Huebner...........................Clinical Care Coordinator              arthritis, through pain management techniques such as
                                                                              the use of our spa, massage, and medications. Karen’s
Mary Leto Paumier, LSW ............................Social Services            diabetes was controlled with a specialized diet that satisfied
                                                                                                                                               Astoria guest Karen Hernandez
Scott Huff ...............................................Culinary Director   her nutritional needs as well as personal preferences.           and Nicole DeStefano, Physical
Rebecca Chapman, COTA ... Therapy Program Manager                                                                                              Therapist, work on car transfers to
                                                                              After only four short weeks of Physical and                      get home safely.
Tiffany Burcaw .......................................Event Coordinator       Occupational Therapies, Karen is able to walk 175
Terry Jackson ..................Environmental Services Director               feet and transfer with minimal assistance. She is also succeeding at regaining her homemaking
Kris Latcheran..............................Business Office Manager           skills in Astoria’s state-of-the-art Therapy Gym, which is equipped with a full kitchen and
                                                                              laundry equipment. Karen is anticipated to return home with her family soon, and she will
                                                                              continue her therapy on an out-patient basis at Astoria.                                                                                                                                                        1
Hospitality Helps Our Guests Feel At Home
Astoria Food Club
George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” Just
like in individual households, food preferences are different for each of the guests of
Astoria. To enhance the dining experience of our guests and incorporate their food
preferences, Astoria has instituted a Food Club. This group of guests meets with
Astoria’s Culinary Director, Scott Huff, to discuss our menus and make suggestions
for future meals.

Astoria is proud to offer our made-from-scratch meals to all of our guests, every
day. One of the many positive outcomes of the Food Club is the soup of the day. A
different homemade soup is offered to our guests daily, as an addition to their entrée or
for a guest who simply wants a light meal. Some of the daily soup selections are chili,     Guests Ed Pennell and Sharon Seeman review some recipe
potato cheese, tomato, and stuffed pepper soups.                                            ideas with Astoria’s Culinary Director, Scott Huff, during our
                                                                                            weekly Food Club.
Astoria guests and families are invited to attend the Food Club every Wednesday at
3:00 pm in our Activity Center.

                                                                        Meet Our New Director of Guest Services
                                                                        Cassie Johnstone joined the Astoria Team in August 2012 as our Director
                                                                        of Guest Services. The main function of this position is to assist guests and
                                                                        families with the transition to our Skilled Nursing Center and ensure their stay
                                                                        with us is an enjoyable one.

                                                                        Cassie comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in short and long term care, with
                                                                        many years of experience as a business office manager and admission coordinator.
                                                                        She enjoys her free time with her beautiful family, which includes her husband,
                                                                        Tim, and four children, spending countless hours at the baseball field.

Astoria’s Guest Services Director, Cassie Johnstone, and                Feel free to contact Cassie to schedule a tour of our care center, or to answer any
Cora Riegler working on the transition of Cora’s husband to             questions you may have regarding admission to Astoria. She can be reached at either
our Care Center.
                                                                        our business line, (330) 455-5500, or on our afterhours line, (330) 787-1977.

A Kinder World
It has been said that grandparents make the world a little kinder, a
little softer, and a little warmer. Astoria is very lucky to have such
wonderful family involvement for our guests. Even though the
grandparents at Astoria are celebrated each and every day by their
family members and the Astoria Team, we did take some time out
to honor them on Grandparents’ Day with an afternoon filled with
games, food, and fun for the entire family.

If you are interested in attending an event at Astoria or becoming a
volunteer, please contact Tiffany Burcaw, Astoria’s Event Coordinator,
at (330) 455-5500.                                                                Astoria guest Esther Williams and her family spend a fun-filled
                                                                                  Grandparents’ Day in Astoria’s Activity Center.

                                                                                    It’s All About lIvIng...

It’s All About Living…
Friday Afternoon Happy Hour
Astoria’s famous Friday Happy Hour is something for all to enjoy.
Guests and families are treated to an afternoon filled with music, food,
friends, and fun! Whether we are rocking out to the sounds of one of
our fabulous entertainers or are having fun with the karaoke machine,
there is no time to sleep on Friday afternoons! Join us each Friday at
2:00 pm and see for yourself what keeps us LIVING!

                                                                             Guests Geraldine Williams and Andreas Costi enjoy some
                                                                             wine at Astoria’s Wine & Cheese Happy Hour sponsored by
                                                                             Perennial Vineyards and Guggisberg Cheese.

                                                                             Out and About
                                                                             As always, Astoria’s guests take full advantage of what the great city of
                                                                             Canton has to offer through bus outings to various restaurants and other
                                                                             points of interest. Whether it is a ladies luncheon or a men’s day out,
                                                                             Astoria’s guests continue doing the things they have always loved to do.
Astoria guest Joann Fulmer and Jennifer Goheler, Event
Team, enjoy a Mexican Fiesta themed Happy Hour.

Who Has the Best Pizza in Canton?
Astoria’s guests were the judge of that! Thanks go out to DeMario’s
Pizza, Guys Pizza, and Lindsay’s Pizza for their donations for this event.
Guests were treated to a variety of different selections, such as a baked
potato pizza, traditional pepperoni, and “The Works”. It was clear that
they were all delicious and all winners in our eyes!
                                                                             Astoria guests Karen Hernandez and Myrna Presutti enjoy a
                                                                             day out at The Amish Door.

Astoria guest Elsie Mercier, Tiffany Burcaw, Event Coordinator,
and Scott Huff, Culinary Director, enjoy a sample of treats                  Astoria guest MaryAnn Banahan and her daughter, Edie Strine,
during our Pizza Party Taste Contest.                                        enjoy a lunch at Fazoli’s.

  330-455-5500                                                                                                                                    3
 3537 12th Street NW
 Canton, OH 44708

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Are You Interested?                                              Group Outings
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Don’t hesitate to contact Astoria:   Every Sunday – Tailgate and watch the games with us, starting at 11:30 am
Phone: 330-455-5500                  October 28 – Trick-or-Treat for families and the community from 1-3 pm
Fax: 330-455-5545                    November 17 – Thanksgiving Feast at noon; please RSVP to the
                                       receptionist no later than November 12
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