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                                         Kindergarten        R E G I S T R AT I O N T I M E !
                                         Will You Have a Child Who Will
    Kindergarten                         Be 5 Years Old by Sept. 30, 2012?
               Open                      THEN IT’S TIME TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD FOR kINDERGaRTEN.
               Houses                    aLEXaNDRIa CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS (aCPS) IS a GREaT PLaCE TO LEaRN!
                                         YOU’RE INVITED TO aTTEND a kINDERGaRTEN OPEN HOUSE aT YOUR
                                         NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL TO LEaRN MORE aBOUT kINDERGaRTEN aT
                                         aCPS, MEET PRINCIPaLS aND STaFF, aND TOUR SCHOOLS. kINDERGaRTEN
                                         THaT YOU REGISTER EaRLY. wE’RE HERE TO HELP. CONTaCT US TODaY aT
John Adams        March 23 8:15 a.m.
                                         703-824-6912 FOR aNSwERS TO YOUR qUESTIONS.
Charles Barrett   March 26 1 p.m.
Patrick Henry     March 2   1:30 p.m.    Important Documents
Cora Kelly        March 2   9 a.m.       To register your child for school, you will need several
Lyles-Crouch      Feb. 15   9 a.m.
                                         documents. These include:
                                             •	 Child’s original birth certificate
Douglas           March 7   9:15 a.m.
MacArthur                                    •	 Proof that you are the child’s parent or legal guardian
                                                       ◙ ID that matches the birth certificate, or
George Mason      May 18    1 p.m.
                                                       ◙ Court documents showing legal custody
Matthew Maury Feb. 23       9:30 a.m.
                                             •	 Two documents confirming that you are a resident of
Mount Vernon      March 21 6 p.m.                 the City of Alexandria
James K. Polk     March 2   8:30 a.m.                  ◙ For example, a deed, rent receipt, lease, utility
William           March 15 9 a.m.                      bill or personal property tax receipt
Ramsay                                       •	 Any available official schools records from another
Samuel Tucker     March 1   12:30 p.m.            school system, if applicable
Jefferson-        March 22 9 a.m.            •	 Medical records, including
Houston           April 19 9 a.m.                      ◙ Immunizations                                     School Addresses on the Reverse ►
                                                       ◙ Physical examination conducted within 12
                                                       months of starting school
                                                       ◙ Tuberculosis screening conducted within 12 months of starting school

                                         Registration for Children Who Have a Language Other Than English
                                         in Their Background
                                         We offer a registration process at the ELL Office for families who speak a language other than English
   Register Early!                       to determine eligibility for ELL Services. The ELL Office is located at 4701 Seminary Road in the Ellen
                                         Coolidge Burke Branch Library building. Call 703-461-6550 for help.

                                         ACPS CEnTRAL OFFICE ◙ 2000 nORTH BEAuREGARD STREET, ALExAnDRIA, VA 22311 ◙ 703-824-6912
                                                        ◙ Twitter: @ACPSK12
                          ACPS Elementary Schools
                                                                        John Adams Elementary School          Charles Barrett Elementary School
                                                                        5651 Rayburn Avenue                   1115 Martha Custis Drive
                                                                        Alexandria, Va. 22311                 Alexandria, Va. 22302
                                                                        Tel: 703-824-6970                     Tel: 703-824-6960
                                                                        Principal: Grace Taylor               Principal: Seth Kennard

                                                                        Patrick Henry Elementary School       Jefferson-Houston School
                                                                        4643 Taney Avenue                     1501 Cameron Street
                                                                        Alexandria, Va. 22304                 Alexandria, Va. 22314
                                                                        Tel: 703-461-4170                     Tel: 703-706-4400
                                                                        Principal: Dawn Feltman               Principal: Rosalyn Rice-Harris

Cora Kelly                         Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy     Douglas MacArthur Elementary          George Mason Elementary School
3600 Commonwealth Avenue           530 S. St. Asaph Street              1101 Janneys Lane                     2601 Cameron Mills Road
Alexandria, Va. 22305              Alexandria, Va. 22314                Alexandria, Va. 22302                 Alexandria, Va. 22302
Tel: 703-706-4420                  Tel: 703-706-4430                    Tel: 703-461-4190                     Tel: 703-706-4470
Principal: Brandon Davis           Principal: Patricia Zissios, Ph.D.   Principal: Deborah Thompson           Principal: Kevin West

Matthew Maury Elementary School    Mount Vernon Community School        James K. Polk Elementary School       William Ramsay Elementary School
600 Russell Road                   2601 Commonwealth Avenue             5000 Polk Avenue                      5700 Sanger Avenue
Alexandria, Va. 22301              Alexandria, Va. 22305                Alexandria, Va. 22304                 Alexandria, Va. 22311
Tel: 703-706-4440                  Tel: 703-706-4460                    Tel: 703-461-4180                     Tel: 703-824-6950
Principal: Lucretia Jackson        Principal: Tina Radomsky             Principal: PreeAnn Johnson            Principal: Rosario Casiano

Samuel W. Tucker Elementary
435 Ferdinand Day Drive
Alexandria, Va. 22304
Tel: 703-933-6300
Principal: Rene Paschal

  Dr. Morton Sherman
  Superintendent of Schools

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