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									Wahls Of Wellness In Arlington Heights Utilizes Acupuncture Therapy For
Pain Relief

Arlington Heights IL, 17-NOV-2012 - The Wahls of Wellness and Ian Wahl,
director and founder of the Arlington Heights acupuncture center are
pleased to announce that those local residents who have issues with pain
can find natural relief through acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture is an
ancient remedy that has been repackaged to make it available to modern
day people who are looking for alternative medicine.

According to Ian Wahl, speaking of the philosophy by which the center
operates, "At The Wahls of Wellness we do not differentiate between the
mind, body, and spirit. Our therapy follows the ancient strategies of
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine integrated with modern health care
technology and healing practices. All medical concerns have root causes
and branch symptoms. We work to alleviate the branch symptoms, but at the
same time we resolve the root causes. Each healing action integrates the
physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions of the whole person."

He continues, "Our philosophy is simple. We believe that our Innate
Intelligence is inherently benevolent and knows what we need to do in
order to be happy, healthy, and well. However, that wisdom is often
blocked by interference, disharmony and energetic imbalance within our
bodies, manifesting as illness, dis-ease, or disabling habits."

The techniques incorporated in the Arlington Heights acupuncture center
also include food therapy, acupressure, visualization and herbal therapy.
The professionals here make Healing Spirit consultations and retreats
available to patients so that harmony is restored and symptoms resolved.

Learn more about the principles of alternative methods of healing and how
the center incorporates them into techniques offered to locals by
visiting the website at http://www.wahlsofwellness.com/ today. Members of
the press and others who have questions about the contents of this press
release are encouraged to contact the Arlington Heights acupuncture
clinic at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Ian Wahl

Company Name: The Wahls of Wellness

Address: 3375 North Arlington Heights Road, Suite A, Arlington Heights
IL, 60004

Contact Telephone Number: (847) 392-7901

Contact Fax Number: (847) 392-7921

Contact Email: info@wahlsofwellness.com

Website: http://www.wahlsofwellness.com/

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