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									                                    Demonstration Speech Unit
      Monday                   Tuesday                Wednesday                  Thursday                     Friday
         16                        17                       18                         19                       20

   Collect Final          Approve and record         Check your list of      View sample outline           Computer lab
  Research Paper                topics               process steps for             in class
                                                        completion                                      Work time on outline
  Introduce public         Breaking down a                                    Receive rubric for
      speaking,          procedure—sample         Peer edit each others’       outline, review          HW: typed outline
   demonstration         process with partner,    steps—what are you                                     due Tuesday
       speech              review as a class            missing?               Work time to
                                                                            complete your outline
   Discuss sample        Begin breaking down         Begin lesson on
  topics, rules and       your topic into it’s          outlining            HW: typed outline
      guidelines           smallest, most                                    due Tuesday – find
                            detailed steps                                    the document on the
                                                                            calendar on my website.
 HW: Know your
                                                                                Type right in that
  speech topic              HW: have your                                     document. You may
   tomorrow              printed list of steps                              want to cut and paste the
                           and materials in                                  text into Google docs.
                           class tomorrow
         23                       24                        25                         26                       27

     Computer lab           Collect outlines        View and assess           How to make note          Check for note card
                                                   sample speeches in              cards                   completion
Work time on outline        Discuss speech               class
                                 rubric                                           Work time              Practice speeches
HW: typed outline                                                                                           using timers
 due tomorrow              Dos and Don’ts of                                HW: note cards due
                            public speaking                                     tomorrow

         30                        31                        1                         2                         3

     NO SCHOOL            Practice speeches
                             using timers           Speeches                 Speeches                   Speeches
          6                        7                         8                         9

     No Speeches
                          Speeches                  Speeches

     You will not be allowed to give your speech until you hand in your outline (with rubric) AND RECEIVE IT BACK
      with my feedback.

     You must perform on the day you chose. Speech must be within 3-6 minute time frame. If your technology does
      not work, you will still go as planned. If you forgot your materials, you will still go as planned. You must test all
      technology and props the day before your speech to make sure they work properly.

     Just before you give your speech, you will hand me your speech rubric (outline rubric is on the back side).

     Immediately after you give your speech, you will hand me your note cards.

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