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					                         THE NORTHERN COLLEGE

                               TRAVEL POLICY


It is the policy of the college to reimburse expenses which staff incur in the
proper performance of their duties. The conditions under which these
reimbursements will be made are laid out below.

Travel within the UK

Car Mileage

Details of current rates are available from the Personnel Department.

Staff will be reimbursed for journeys undertaken using their own private
transport for College business. As a general rule the payment of mileage for
the use of an individual’s own car will only be authorised if cheaper public
transport is not reasonably available and suitable for the relevant journey.

Staff who choose to undertake such a journey over 60 miles (including return)
where alternative transport (rail) would have been cheaper will be reimbursed
for that particular journey at second class rail fare rate unless prior agreement
has been obtained from their line manager.

Travel by Rail / Air / Sea

Staff should seek to take advantage of discounted fare tariffs wherever
possible. All journeys should be booked via the Personnel Department.
Details of the journey (dates, mode of travel, times etc.) must be obtained
before requesting the Personnel Department to book the tickets for the


All staff should check their own insurance arrangements before using their
own cars for College business purposes.

Under the 3rd EC Motor Directive (1 July 1994) passengers and drivers are no
longer covered by Employer’s Liability Insurance but must fall under the
driver’s Motor Insurance Policy. Employees using their own cars on College
business, whether or not they are carrying passengers, must confirm to their
line manager that their insurance policy covers themselves and any
passengers for business use and provide evidence thereof.

Details of current rates are available from the Personnel Department.

In exceptional circumstances, where the reasonable accommodation and
subsistence expenses may exceed the current allowances, reimbursement
will be made provided prior approval has been obtained from the Principal.

Claim Submission

Reimbursement of expenses will only be made on completion and
authorisation of the appropriate College expenses form which must clearly
and separately identify each allowance being claimed.

Where the travel on College business is directly from or to home, the home to
base mileage must be deducted from the total mileage for that journey.

Staff are expected to submit expenses claim forms on a monthly basis. Any
claims received over two months old will not be reimbursed.

Claims should be initialled by the staff member’s line manager and then
passed to the Personnel Department for processing.

Overseas Travel

All overseas visits must be authorised, prior to making any arrangements, in
writing by the Principal or some other senior member of staff acting on his/her

In considering requests for overseas travel the authorisation must take into
account such factors as the appropriateness of the visit, estimated cost and
availability of funds, time commitments and acceptable arrangements to cover
College duties.

The subsistence allowances referred to above do not apply to overseas visits.
Reasonable expenses incurred in the proper performance of a staff member’s
duties will be reimbursed on an actuality basis and appropriate evidence (e.g.
receipts) must accompany any claim for reimbursement.

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