Certified Quality Technician Refresher Course Syllabus by cTLPdQ


									      Certified Quality Technician Refresher Course Syllabus
                     Sponsored by the ASQ Nebraska Chapter 1302
  Instructors: Jim DeVoogd –CQE, CQT & Bret Gengenbach, CQE, CQMOE, CSSBB
                                    Summer 2011
   Text: CQT Primer (Quality Council of Indiana) 2003 version (provided with class)

Date CQT Section                                   Assignments
8/20 CQT Overview, Quality Concepts, Quality Tools Primer Questions
8/27 Basic Statistics, Control Charts                                         Primer + assigned
9/3     Metrology, Calibration                                                Primer+ assigned
9/10 Print Reading, Inspection & Sampling                                     Primer + assigned
9/17 Quality Audits, Preventive and Corrective Actions Primer + assigned
9/24 Overview, Simulated Test                                                 Assigned
10/1 CQT Exam Day

Recommended reference materials:
   1) The Quality Technician’s Handbook (Griffith)
   2) Attribute and Variables Sampling Plans ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 and Z1.9-1993

ASQ Certification Exam:
   - You must be signed up with ASQ to take the exam – last sign-up date is
        8/19/2011 (8/26 with $50 late fee)
   - Sign up to take the CQT exam on HTTP:ASQ.Org. You can sign up as a
        member or non-member
   - Sign up for this refresher class by 8/15/2011.
Course Fee: $350 ($300 if you have a primer) Payable to: ASQ Section 1302, P.O. Box
Lincoln, NE
Send checks to (or bring to first class): Vicki Hart, c/o HDR, Inc., 8404 Indian Hills
Drive | Omaha, NE | 68114-4098

Name _____________________________________
Company ____________________
Address _____________________________________________
Phone _____________
___ I do not have a CQT primer, enclosed is $350
___ I have the CQT primer enclosed is $300.

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