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									What is the fishing industry?
 The fishing industry is the taking, processing, and marketing of fish and other seafood from oceans,
rivers, and lakes. Fishing is one of the primary forms of food production.

Fishing provided the economic base for European settlement in parts of the east coast, Québec, and
British Columbia. The major countries engaged in marine fishing are Japan, China, the U.S., Chile, Peru,
India, South Korea, Thailand, and the countries of northern Europe. Although, Canada is not one of the
top 10 fishing nations in the world. It is however, one of the world's leading exporters in fish.

There are many types of fishing, but in Canada we use commercial fishing. Commercial fishing is the
basis for traditional way of life that has a special place in Canada's culture heritage. Commercial fishing
today makes up only about 0.1% of the total value economy. It is the establishment of the economy in
some lands areas and parts of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
  If we continue to over fish, in the future the fish population will be extinct. But if stop and give the fish
time to reproduce and create more of them it will lower the chances of extinction. Like they say “give a
man a fish he eats for a day, give a man a fishing boat he can wipe out a species.”

                                                                 No more fishing!
What are current challenges facing fishing today? A current challenge facing fishing would be when the
east coast fishery collapsed. Actually there are multiple reasons to cause it. *overfishing,*improved
fishing technology,*uncontrolled foreign fishing,*destructive fishing practises,*changes in natural

Ocean fishing is one of Canada’s oldest industries. Canada’s fishery drew the first Europeans to the
northern half of north America, and it still sustains large coastal and inland regions. At the start of the
20th century, inland fishing on the prairies was a booming industry. The fishery was an important source
of revenue for local fisherman and fish packers, spawning a large industry.

   The fishing industry Provides more than 120,000 jobs to Canadians. Fisheries and oceans Canada
offers a variety of employment and career opportunities, from clerical, scientific and administrative
positions at any of our regional offices and laboratories to field positions with the Canadian coast guard
or fisheries management branch.

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