trading card assignment by xuyuzhu


									                                         Design a Public Relations Trading Card

We have discussed the importance and significance of a positive image when it comes to the athlete and the agent. Many
athletes are considered blue chip athletes (perfect endorser). Think of your favorite athlete or celebrity and create a trading
card for that athlete, but instead of players stats it will contain players good works.

Use the internet to research various good deeds your athlete or celebrity has done and create their card based on that.

Helpful Site:

                                                                                     Charity Involvements
                                                                 Realizing the Dream - This non-profit seeks to continue the legacy
                                                                  and work of Dr. and Mrs. King in wiping out poverty and injustice.
                                                                 Is a supporter of Bono’s poverty-fighting ONE Campaign and
                                                                   has given generous donations to the homeless

                                                                 On the Board of Trustees for United Way
                                                                                   Other Charities Involvements
                                                                21st Century Leaders         ONE Campaign
                                                                American Foundation for  Oxfam
                                                                   AIDS Research              Partners in Health
                                                                Ante Up For Africa           Realizing the Dream
                                                                CARE                         Red Cross
                                                                Casey Lee Ball Foundation Rock For Darfur
                                                                Cinema For Peace             Satellite Sentinel Project
                                                                Clothes Off Our Back         Save the Children
                                                                ENOUGH Project               UNICEF
                                                                Feeding America              United Way
                                                                International Rescue         Whatever It Takes
                                                                   Committee                  World Food Programme
                                                                Make Poverty History
                                                                Not On Our Watch
 Founder of the NOT ON OUR WATCH organization,
   which focuses on putting an end to mass atrocities
     around the world. Not On Our Watch generates                  Has been in past involved in causes related to:
 lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for             Abuse, AIDS, Cancer, Children, Disaster
       the vulnerable, marginalized and displaced.                 Relief, Education, Environment, Health, Human
                                                                   Rights, Hunger, Miscellaneous, Peace, Poverty, Rape/Sexual
                                                                   Abuse, Refugees, Women

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