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 Vertical Blinds

 Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

 Roller Blinds

 Roman Blinds

 Skylight Non Velux Roller Blinds

 Wooden Venetian Blinds

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Features of Vertical Blinds

 Vertical Blinds are great for windows of all sizes right from patio doors to
small windows.

 Vertical Blinds are considered as the most recommended and stylish
curtains for home as well as offices.

 has all types of vertical blinds which are available
at a very reasonable cost. We never compromise on the quality of our
product and offer top quality service to our customers.

 Many of our vertical blinds are made of machine washable fabrics which
are easy to maintain and can be used in areas where they can become grimy
and wet such as kitchens and bathroom.

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Features of Wooden Blinds :

 Wooden blinds are the perfect way to create a warm, natural look
to your home. They bring a simple style, which complements all kinds
of decor, from the modern to the traditional.

 They are comes in various varieties such as woven wood blinds,
wood mini blinds and many more. It is also available in different
shapes, colors, shades and stains which can easily fit in your house and
makes your house stylish.

 You can also paint your blinds to match with your room walls. If you
take care of your blinds than it will last for a long time, for this you only
have to keep them lubricated. There are so many options of woods
which you can choose yourself. It may be bit expensive but it will
upgrade your house look.

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 Features of Skylight Non Velux Blinds :

Skylight Non Velux Blinds are blinds that are exceptionally made to cover
loft and skylights windows. These are special type of window or door covering
is needed to cover the skylight properly. If you try to regular window blind
instead of Skylight Non Velux Blinds, it’ll not cover the window properly. This
serves actually no purpose and looks very silly.

 All of our skylight roller blinds are made with aluminium frames with a
choice of white or silver finish. The side channels are angled at 90 degress for
the non velux windows.

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Features of Roman Blinds :

 Roman Blinds are one of the most elegant and attractive blinds which
can be used to replace cloth curtains and decorate your home to make it
look classy.

 Our roman blinds are manufactured from a variety of materials and
patterns to give you a wide choice when you decide to use Roman blinds
for your windows.

There are two types of lining offered with roman blinds, standard and
blackout lining. We have two types of head rails which allow the blind to
be raised and lowered.

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Features of Roller Blinds :

Roller blinds are a practical way of adding interest to windows in
your room. Our collection includes many fabrics from a choice of
textured or plain fabrics in a wide array of shades and printed

 Our roller blinds are made with heavy duty aluminium tubes for
a longer life, they are operated by either a side control or spring
mechanism and can have a standard straight edge or choice of six
other fancy bottom edge finishes.

Roller blinds suit all rooms in your house including the kitchen
and bathroom.

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