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									                        Tourist places

In any country there are tourist places, historical , tropical,
places have touch of great nature, religion places,
entertainment places, … etc. Different views of tourists from
place to place, so some tourists prefer historical places to
discover the great history and what have of wonders that nice
to see it, and to get the right information on real ground of
that places, and others enjoy in a few trip in tropical places to
see the nature and relax in some resorts in some countries .

First we will talk about historical places, that place from the
past, its have a lot of recipes that could be get knowledge and
learn from it. So if we start talk about historical places we
should be remember the Pyramids in Egypt that huge
construction if you see it you will see solemn and greater, that
pyramids build it the pharaohs from thousands year, it had a
lot of hard work and time to do it , so it need thousands of
workers and engineering's to done it . Pyramids was closely
from Al-Neel river to be easy move rocks and stones from
river to constructions place, and finally the pyramids finished
and start move from generation to other , so in our these days
most tourists go to Egypt to see that beautiful constructions
and study it to get knowledge and enjoy of look to them.

Every person like nature and what are have from great views
and magic creatures that our lord "Allah " create it in amazing
look. So we will talk about one of greatest tropical place in this
planet " Bora Bora ", it's component from many small islands
that we can found it in Atlantic ocean, it's component from
small rooms made from trees leaves and some woods, it's
magnificent place and example for tropical places.
So most rich tourist go to that place because it need high cost
to go with special plane and get what do you need in the trip.

Some people have kids want to enjoy in weekend or holiday so
they go to some entertainment places that they can found
toys, restaurants, and water games specially in summer. So we
will talk about wonderful place that we call it " Disney Land " in
U.S.A, that own it " Warner Brose " he is a milliner man have
many firms. That Land have a lot of great toys that people
enjoy of it , like " Darkness tunnel " it's
An train move from side to side but there are some skirt toys
in that tunnel like Mummy. More of that there are great game
like play with balls in water and race with small cars , surely
it's sweet game. So a huge number of tourists go to that land
specially in summer to enjoy of holiday .

In the end, I can said that Allah give us a lot of beautiful
places that we should take care on it before enjoy of them to
live in perfect life and happiness world , and I advice people to
think go to some of that places like " Disney land ", it's great
fro me.
There more of tourists from year to year and we should try it
to see the great of our world.

            Prepared by : Abdelrahem M.Eid el-susi

                        ID : 120090282

         Supervised by : Mrs. Reda Yousof Khalid Al Zahar

                      With my best regards……

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