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					GeekWeek ‘08
Sponsored by FITSSFF

                                     Side Quest

   1) All participants are required to obtain items on the list LEGALLY! Theft from
      anyone playing or not involved at all will not be tolerated.
   2) This is important so I’ll say it again…Don’t Break the Law; federal, state, gravity
      or whatnot!(This includes no trespassing, no public nudity, or warcrimes of any
   3) All found items must be presented to the judges no later than 6:00 PM on Friday
      at the FITSSFF Office on the Second Floor of the SUB.
   4) An item may not be submitted by more than 1 group; that is, 2 groups may both
      submit a “key that has not been issued by fitssff” however, they may not both
      submit the same key.
   5) Points will be awarded to people based on the number of items found and the
      difficulty category of the items.
   6) A picture of an item does not constitute an item unless specifically stated.
   7) Judges reserve the right to disqualify participants for any reason, this includes
      breaking any of the above rules, Public nudity, or act of God.
   8) Groups may enter together but will only receive one prize.
   9) Prizes will be awarded to the top 2 players.

                                       THE LIST

   There are 4 categories of difficulty each with a Different Point value. If an Item is
     Unique(i.e. Kasey Drennen) only one person may submit that Item for points.
                                      Easy (1 point)
   • A FITSSFF Business card
   • A 2 dollar bill
   • An FIT closed Class form
   • A hard copy of this list
   • A FITSSFF shirt from vestDan’s time
   • Any Star Wars d6 sourcebook, not from the office
   • A really cool hat (Judges will decide lvl of coolness)
   • The white king piece from a wooden chess set
   • 1 Tetherball
   • A pair of glasses
   • Bag of Lays potato chips
   • A cigarette lighter
   • A single can of Coke
   • A key that has not been issued by FIT
   • One of Kasey Drennen’s Business Cards
•   A program from any FITcon event
•   A Slice of Cake
•   An FIT parking Ticket

                                   Medium (2 points)
•   Dr. Kovats’ Autograph
•   A PCI dialup modem
•   A working NES with at least 2 games
•   A Bible, completely in latin
•   A German to English dictionary
•   A ¼ inch insert cable
•   A gold pocket watch
•   A receipt for an XBOX
•   An aqua colored crayon
•   A business card from Debbie Werner
•   A menu from South Taiwan
•   A bottle of Bawls soda
•   A roll of white gaffer’s tape
•   A Chain of command
•   A Black Parking Decal from FIT
                                  Hard (3 points)
•   A Fundamentals of Physics Book, 4th edition By Halliday, Walker, and Resnick
•   A picture of Max with a shaved head
•   A blank FIT parking ticket
•   A digital copy of the FITSSFF constitution (must be authentic)
•   An 11lb block of chocolate
•   An item from the original SideQuest
•   A VHS copy of “The Star Wars Holiday Special”
•   Any 1st edition D&D sourcebook
•   Full duct tape armor
•   One of Christian’s DS game holders
•   A colorblind test that Curtis will fail
•   A quote from someone famous saying something to the effect of “Meteorology is
    a Science.”
•   A wooden sword
•   A recognizable image on an inanimate object, face cannot be drawn or printed or
    stamped.(eg the “Nun Bun”)
•   Polka dot duct tape
•   Kasey Drennen.
•   A cardboard cutout of a Gorilla
•   The ‘Max Medal’ (This is a specific item)

                             SuperHard (5 points)
•   An Autographed photo of Dr. Kovats with the words “To my special friend” in
    Kovats’ handwriting written above it.
•   1 Cubic second of time
•   A picture of yourself inside Kasey Drennen’s office with a Philipino flag flying in
    the background
•   1 cup of authentic snow
•   A complete copy VestDan’s Series: “Pieces of Eight”
•   1000 Origami Swans
•   A d7
•   An Apple 2
•   A Betamax copy of starwars
•   A Ninja
•   A Revenge of the Jedi Poster
•   An FIT parking ticket that was placed on a Dodge intrepid
•   Carmen Sandiego(For four points, tell me where in the world she is…with proof!)

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