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					TOK Title: Skeptical of the System

Brief explanation of the example (can use bullet points and present in point/counter point fashion)

• The State of Oregon has transformed the crime of assisted suicide into “medical treatment”.
• There is no certainty if the data that doctors are prescribing is accurate or complete and the state has no authority to investigate
assisted suicide deaths.
• Once the assisted suicide is legalized it becomes the cheapest form of “medical treatment” available.
• Insurance covers prescribed suicide but not life prolonging treatments.

2. One to three Knowledge Issues phrased as open-ended questions.

        To what extent does Catholicism rejects the legalization of assisted suicide?
        To what extent can we trust our doctor’s prescriptions accuracy?
        To what extent is doctor prescribed suicide a medical treatment?

3. What are the implications (So what? Why is this important? Who is it important to? Why is it important to you? )

The implications of this matter are fundamental since through this treatment, patients are choosing to end their life in order to relieve
their pain. Because of this I believe that each individual, who has chosen to go through assisted suicide, should not only be able to
fully trust his or her doctor and insurance company, but also be given the respect of such valiant decision. Furthermore, this dilemma
is not only significant to me but also to all of the individuals out there who might consider this “treatment”.

Related to which WOK(s) Justify your choices:

Emotion: The author conveys fear and doubt in order to portray “euthanasia” as skeptical.
Reason: The author uses examples of other countries with second thought of euthanasia and the idea of “the cheapest” form of
treatment available as reasons in order to reveal the skeptical side of euthanasia.

Related to which AOK(S) Justify your choices:

History: The author re-counts the history of euthanasia.
Ethics: The author questions both the doctors and insurance companies’ morals when executing this action.
Natural Sciences: The author questions human behavior though decisions.

Correct bibliography entry:

Marker, Rita L. "Skeptical of the System." The New York Times. The New York Times, 10 Apr. 2012. Web. 15 Apr. 2012.



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