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					Meeting Date: September 17, 2012

Call to order/Introductions (6:30)

Jill Gebeke(Principal), Ann Smith(VP), Jen Post(Treasurer), Jessica
Hilmanowski(Secretary), Maria Gutierrez(Teacher), Brian White(Teacher), Norma
Jorgensen(Teacher), Rhonda Davie, Ko Chinn Tina Rappe, Rachel Muller, Jennifer
Baker, Scharlotte Watson, Chris Miller, Cara Hofreiter, Dierk Hofreiter, Eric & Caryn
Brunello, Jen Frey, Krista Geiger-Simpson, Maureen Monahan, Sarah Kitt, Haley & Tom
Fruen, Amy McCarthy, Colleen Wherley, Sara Veblen-Mortenson, Darci Green, Sarah
Hobbie, Selamawit Bati, Maluder Anitotaw, Angela Branson.

Principal Report (Jill Gebeke)
Enrollment is up this year with 488 students. There are approximately 30 students per

Mrs. Flaten wins the prize!! The district approved an additional Kindergarten class at
last minute. Nine volunteers helped set up the new Kindergarten room the Friday before
the first day of school for Kindergarten. Mrs. Flaten was hired on for the Science
Technology position with a background in elementary education. This leaves the
opening for a New Science Technology teacher.

Teachers will have Professional Development during the day, two times per week for 50
minutes. The students will be in class with Science Prep or Art.
Mr. White has the new position as the schools Cultural Specialist. He will focus on
connecting with families and behavior. He will also be leading our student counsel this
Chelsea Heights has a new special education program and self contained resource
room. The program is going well with 6 students.

Lunch guidelines have changed this year adding more nutritious options that meet the
USDA guidelines. More fruits and veggies and less bread and cheese.

The school has 2 partnerships with in the community. Parks Midway Bank and Como
Park Lutheran Church. Park Midway Bank hosts a coat drive, book drive and has a
supply bin for the community to donate to Chelsea Heights.

Chelsea Heights is a Title One school and receives federal funds based on free and
reduced lunches. The current status is 45% of our students qualify for free and reduced
lunches. The GOOD NEWS we now have different regulations as a title one school and
are considered a "celebration school". Chelsea Heights is in the top 25% of Title One
schools. In grades three through six 61% of our students meet the standards in math
and 75% of students meet the standards in reading.

Thank you to all Target Red Card members! The school received $3,000 from Target.
Treasures Report (Jen Post)
The PTO has changed banks from Topline Federal Credit Union to Park Midway Bank.
The current general fund for the PTO is $15,000 and the playground fund is $45,000.

Playground Update:
The playground Committee is working with the executive director of Rebuilding
Together to start the planning process for the Big Event this Spring. Lowes, Carter Kids
Foundation, Game Time, and RT will be working with Chelsea and our community to
install the new playground equipment. May of 2013 we will be removing the existing
equipment, installing new surface, and then 200 Lowes employees, our community, and
Carter Oeusterhous of HGTV will spend two days installing our new playground
equipment and landscaping. At the end of the second day, we will have a big

Fall Fundraiser (Colleen Wherley)
Catalogs will be distributed to students on Friday, September 21st. Students are
encouraged to ask family members and friends to support Chelsea Heights and
purchase products from a wide range if items. If a family chooses not to sell items from
the catalog they may send in a check if desired for a donation towards the playground.
For every $10 donated the student will receive a prize from Club Choice. In the past the
Fall Fundraiser totals have been approximately 10,000-12,000. All profit will go towards
the Playground Fund.

PTO Committees (Jessica Hilmanowski)
• Fundraising/Grant Committee-Sue Gunderson
• Fall Fundraiser-Jennifer Daul & Colleen Wherley
• No Work Fundraiser- Morgan McCann & Jessica Hilmanowski
• Wellness Committee-Sarah Veblen-Mortenson
           o Running Club- Open Chair
           o Family Fitness Night- Mr. Lang & Open Chair
• Communications Committee- Jessica Hilmanowski & Open Chair
• Literacy Committee- Norma Jorgensen & Jessica Banks
           o Book Swap
           o Book Fairs
           o Literacy Night
• Landscaping Committee- Sarah Hobbie & Angela Branson
• Volunteer Coordinator- Shannon McCann
• Cheetah Chatter - Chris Miller- Open Chair for 2013
• Spirit Wear- Kevin Huepenbecker- Open Chair for 2013
• Spring Carnival- Open Chair
• Playground- Ann Smith
• Yearbook- Mr. Altman & Gwen Kosiak
Parks & Rec Announcements (Jessica Hilmanowski for Darcy Rivers)
1. Fall sports at NWC this year has 275 kids enrolled.
2. Still room for kids to register for fall classes:
       a. Tae Kwon Do
       b. Archery
       c. New this year: Cardio Kick Boxing
3. Back to School Dance
       a. Friday, Sept 21st for ages 11-14, cost $5, concessions sold
4. Neighborhood Bonfire
       a. Friday, Oct 5th from 6-8PM
5. Basketball registration for ages 3-14 begins Oct 8th
6. Booster Club Annual Meeting Oct 9th at 6PM. Election of President and Secretary.

Upcoming Events:
Sept 25th-Picture Day
Sept 27- Pizza Night

Meeting End Time: 7:35

Next Meeting: Monday, October 15th 6:30-7:30

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