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					All About Caitlin

    Introducing Me!
    My Family
    My Pets
    Things I Like to Do
    My Favorite Books
Introducing Me!

                  I am Caitlin. My favorite
              food is vegetarian pizza. I
              am 9 years and one month
              old. I was born on August
              12th. My favorite sport is
              basketball. I also like to
              play soccer.
  My Family

  I have one brother
and one mom and
dad. My brother, Brad,
has brown eyes and
brown hair. My mom,
Lisa, has blue eyes and blond hair. My
dad, Brad, has brown hair and brown eyes.
That is my family.
  My Pets

  I have two cats and
two dogs. One of my
cat’s names is Turbo.
My other cat’s name is
Bitty. One dog’s name
is Sheba and the other
dog’s name is Dossier. Those are my pets.
  Things I Like to Do

  My favorite hobby is
basketball. I like to ride my
bike on the sidewalk. I like
to do math too. I like
collecting Beanie Babies.
Those are all the things I
like to do.
My Favorite Books

  My favorite books to
read are Harry Potter
and Animorphs. Other
good books are Holes
and Boxcar Children.
Those are my favorite
   My Favorite Food
   My favorite food is ice
cream with cherries on
the top. When I chew the
cherries they squirt juice
in my mouth. When I eat
ice cream. I eat it in a
weird cup. When I eat
from the cup it feels like I
am in a fancy restaurant.
That is my favorite food.

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