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					                 How to Hire a Maid Services Firm

Today’s people are busier than ever. When both parents work away from
house and the kids have to get to after school activities and sporting
events, housework never seems to get done. More and more families are
considering using a maid service to maintain their homes thoroughly clean
and comfortable. Nevertheless, is it really OK to utilize a maid service?
How do you hire the proper service for your family?

If you use a bit of caution, hiring a maid service is very safe. Before you
offer anyone a key to your house, always insist on meeting her or him
personally. However, even if you feel like this person is nice and extremely
trustworthy, you should also be sure that the service will be bonded. Many
house cleaning services in Washington DC also offer insurance to cover
accidents or re-keying services. This helps you make sure that if the maid
accidentally leaves a faucet running or even loses your key, you will be
covered financially. After all, even the finest cleaning service might have
an off day and accidents happen sometimes.

Once you are sure the cleaning service you are thinking about is
adequately prepared for any liability issues and hires trustworthy
employees, it is time to sign a contract, right? Well, actually, it is too soon
for that. Ask for several references and call them. Be sure the cleaning
service shows up on time and ask each reference how he or she feels about
the skill of the cleaner. A good cleaning service will elicit responses as “I
didn’t know my home could get this clean” or “Even my trash cans smell
good now” from a content reference.
Now that you are positively sure the cleaning service does a good job for
other people, it is time for you to give the maid you will be using a try.
Request a trial cleaning to be sure you are satisfied. Some cleaning
providers object to doing this because homeowners which don’t have their
houses cleaned on a regular basis ask a company for a demo cleaning
without thinking to actually have their homes cleaned on a weekly basis. If
that’s the case, ask if they are able to suggest a way to be sure that the
cleaning service meets your needs without signing any contract. Perhaps
the company will write a clause in the contract offering a two week trial
basis during which either party can end the contract without a penalty.

Finally, when you use a maid service, be sure you value your cleaning
person. After all, this is the one who sees your home at its worst each week
and makes it regain its luster and polish so that you can be happy with the
way it looks.

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