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									             DDC Trademarks, Service Marks and Registered Trademarks

      Please note: Some of the following trademarks may still exist in earlier documents
                              and are listed for reference only.

The Standards                                       All Other Logos

DDC                                                Cruise Power
Detroit Diesel                                     DDEC
Detroit Diesel and Spinning Arrows Design          Data Hub
Detroit Diesel in Spinning Arrows Design           Diagnostic Link
Detroit Diesel and Spinning Arrows Design          Electronic Fire Commander
                             (Letterhead version)
Spinning Arrows Design                             Emitless

Spinning Arrows and Detroit                        Ether Start

Spinning Arrows and Diesel                         IRIS

Spinning Arrows and Detroit Diesel                 Maintenance Alert System

Detroit Diesel Engines                             Optimized Idle
                                                    Pocket Diagnostic Link
DDC Engines                                         Pro Guard/Gard
Series 60        Series 50                        ProManager
Series 60G       Series 50G                       Power Cool
Series 40        Series 40E                       Power Guard
Series 92                                          Power Trac
Series 55        Series 30G                       PowerSelect
D700 Series (Cento)                                Power Service Parts
HR Series (Cento)                                  Power Service Literature
SUN Series (Cento)                                 RPMS
SUNe Series (Cento)                                reliabilt
Series 2000                                        Spec Manager
Series 4000                                        Spec Wizard
                                                    We Power the World
Note: VM Motori is now DDC Cento Operations
                             TRADEMARKS USED BY PERMISSION

Trademark                                Owner
Kent-Moore                              SPX Corporation
Jake Brake                              Jacobs Vehicle System
  w/logo and Jacobs Vehicle System
  w/out logo no 

MTU                                     MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
Need Release                            The Penray Companies, Inc.
Fill-For-Life                            The Penray Companies, Inc.
PreLub                                  RPM Industries, Inc
Protection from the Start               RPM Industires, Inc.
ProComm                                 DATA STORM Technologies, Inc.
Starrett                                L. S. Starrett Company
Temp-A-Start/Temp-A-Stop                TAS Distributing Company, Inc.
Loctite, Fast Orange, Permatex        Loctitie Corporation, USA
  DL, Trounce
Corn Huskers                            Warner-Lambert Company

                             TRADEMARKS OF AFFILIATED COMPANIES
Trademark                                       Owner
Diesel Technology Corporation and Logo         Diesel Technology Company and Design
Fuel Pro Sea Pro        Pro-Chek             Davco Manufacturing
Seeing is Believing
Delvac                                         Mobil Oil Corporation

If another trademark, service mark or registered trademark is used in a DDC publication belonging
to another company, indicate the respective ownership, i.e., Windows 95 is a registered trademark
of Microsoft Corporation. If you do not know the ownership then use the following statement: All
other logos are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
       Also, include the following statements in your publication: Printed in the U.S.A. All information
subject to change.
tm = trademark sm = service mark  = registered trademark

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