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									David Spadora
Intro to Psych – Tyler
                                  Remember the Titans
                                   Social Psychology

Prejudice – There were many examples of prejudice throughout this movie. The first big
example is how there was an uproar of concern among the community’s inhabitants when
they learned that a Mr. Boone was becoming the assistant coach. Just at the thought of a
black man playing a role in the school created views of the man before anyone ever met

Stereotypes – The introduction to the character “Sunshine” could be considered a
stereotype. The way the players assumed he was a hippy and flamboyant because of his
long blond hair before they met him (although, he was flamboyant) is a prejudgment.
Another instance of a stereotype being created is when Sheryl, Coach Yoast’s daughter,
is freaking out at one of the games. Nicky (Coach Boone’s daughter) asks “Momma, are
all white girls that crazy?”

Discrimination – There are two big instances in which discrimination was shown. The
first example was at a bar in which the owner approached Sunshine and two of his black
teammates saying “I won’t serve their kind here or you either,” referring to Sunshine
(possible because of his long hair or because he broke a “norm” and was keeping
company with blacks). The fact that the owner refused service to them was an act of
discrimination. Another example was a hate crime towards Coach Boone in which a
brick was thrown through his living room window, endangering his family and Sheryl.

Norms – A few examples of norms being broken are shown anytime whites and blacks
were mixing. At the school when Gerry helped a black student fend off some white
students, they called him “traitor” and threw insults at him. Another time is when
Gerry’s girlfriend is having difficulty embracing the mixing of races and refuses to shake
Julius’ hand. Ultimately she leaves Gerry for some time.

Compliance – Since compliance requires comfort among peers, whenever a “command”
or “play” is shouted out by the quarterback, the team follows. Also when going out to
dinner, “Sunshine” and his 2 friends enter the diner willingly (although they were denied

Social Facilitation – The most prominent example of this is with Sunshine and stepping
up to being the quarterback in a very important game. He wasn’t supposed to be playing
quarterback this time around, and the Titans were down a few points and time was
running out. He was nervous and worried that he wasn’t going to perform well, but the
fact that he didn’t want to let his team down carried him through the event. His fear and
anxiety was turned into strength and leading power in which he performed his
quarterback duties incredibly well and ultimately became the MVP of that game.
Defensive Attribution Error – During one of the practices Petey fumbles the ball.
When Coach Boone gets in his face about it, Petey blames his fumbling the ball because
his blockers had led defenders through—not because he wasn’t holding on to the football
firmly enough.

Social Loafing – Aside from one example, the entire team is very hardworking while
together. Gary intentionally had been “slacking off” and not working hard on his
defensive maneuvers. This ultimately led one of his teammates to get injured.

Just-World-Hypothesis – When Gerry gets into his accident, it happened to a boy who
mixed races and was “ok” with it. It is a horrible thing to view this as a bad act, but some
racist people may say that “he was injured because of his actions,” since he is a “bad

Schema – In one scene, Julius is approached by a marked car and a man dressed in
uniform. With these settings he addresses the man in uniform as “officer,” and is
respectful to him.

Proximity – When Gerry has to room with Julius during football came they hate each
other. But, after some time they warm up to each other and eventually form a bond that
is not broken for years.

Polarization – The team had a very segregated mindset at camp until Coach Boone
discussed how young men “died fighting a war we are still fighting today.” Once one of
the team members had begun to feel that equality, it spread throughout the group and they
were all affected by it.

Obedience – Any person with the title of “Coach” was automatically listened to, and any
instruction that was called out was strictly followed. During team practices, even though
the players were extremely exhausted and dehydrated, they would run a mile every time
Coach Boone had shouted out the command. It was not a peer of theirs, nor was it
comfortable—it was because of the (perceived) authority that was linked with the name

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