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When to be system automated?

      Big(long term) and Critical projects.
      System(Projects) that require testing the same functions frequently.
      Requirement not changing frequently
      Accessing the application for more load and performance with many users
      Study software with respect to manual testing
      Time availability

What system should be automated?

Unit Testing: Unit testing is in many projects a task which is performed occasionally by
programmers during development of system.

(Regression Testing)

Anything that we need to do repeatedly, if we are repeating something a more than about
5 times and the elements in it are stable. We are automating web applications at the
moment and automating the regression tests for end to end functionality has saved a lot of

 Stress testing is great to automate. It is often needed right at the end of a release cycle
so saving a few hours has a big benefit.

Functional Testing:Functional testing is the testing of how system or application functions,
or, in other words, its relation to the users and especially to the rest of the system.
Functional testing is implemented by a team of testers and Business analyst, independent of
the developers. Another way of saying that functional testing is "the customer test"

What should not be automated?
Well usability testing is mostly done by clients so there is no need to automate that. It’s
difficult to automate any tests with qualities or subjective results. The more binary the
result the easier something is to automate.

The functionality testing of the early releases of new products is difficult to automate
effectively because the applications change so quickly.

When moving across in to a new technology I like to tests manually as we learn about the
technology and the application. This produces results quickly and makes it easier to
automate later on if needed.

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How to system Automated?

      Identifying functional areas within a software for automation
      Identifying of appropriate tool for Test Automation
      Prepare Test Scripts
      Prepare of Test Suits
      Execution of scripts
      Create result reports
      Recognize any potential bugs or performance issues

Some of Software Testing Tools

      HP Quick Test Professional
      Selenium
      IBM Rational Functional Tester
      SilkTest
      TestComplete
      Testing Anywhere
      WinRunner
      LaodRunner
      Visual Studio Test Professional
      WATIR


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