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					In keeping with its mission and purpose, Career                Certificates of Completion are awarded to those
Quest Learning Centers, Inc., strives to:                      participants who successfully complete Continuing
                                                               Education Courses.
1. Educate and train students with equipment found
   in today’s automated offices;                               CORPORATE TRAINING
2. Assist students in developing their technical skills        Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc. are not solely
   to meet industry standards;                                 training sources for individuals. We are happy to
3. Provide students with skilled and experienced               offer specialized training to companies with new skills
   staff who are devoted to the personal and career            training or upgrading on a contractual basis. Please
   development of every student;                               contact our Admission Office for details regarding
4. Offer job placement assistance services in the              corporate training programs.
   pursuit of securing appropriate employment.
                                                               ADMISSION POLICIES &
    While Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc.
    actively assists students in their job search,             PROCEDURES
    we cannot guarantee employment to any
    student.                                                   ADMISSION PROCEDURES
                                                               The Admissions Office is open Monday through
                                                               Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Individuals
COMPETENCY- BASED LEARNING                                     interested in learning more about the school and its
                                                               training programs should contact the school to
Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc. training is                schedule an appointment to meet with an Admissions
tailored to meet the individual needs of students by           Counselor.
assessing their individual goals and skill levels.
Instructors are always available to assist students as         All applicants are required to complete a personal
they work through “hands-on” projects and ensure               interview with an Admissions Counselor in order to
that students master each goal and objective                   mutually determine what educational offering best
sequentially throughout the training.             This         meets the needs of the applicant.
methodology ensures that students develop the
required knowledge and skills necessary before                 ADMISSION TO COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING
progressing to more advanced levels.                           PROGRAMS
                                                               Applicants enrolling in any Comprehensive Training
COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS                                Program must have a High School Diploma, GED or
Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc. offers several             a completed Attestation of High School Completion
Comprehensive Training Programs.            Students           form. In addition, applicants applying for admission
interested in developing job skills which will enable          into a Comprehensive Training Program must take
them to enter the workforce are encouraged to enroll           the Wonderlic Personnel Test.          The Executive
in one of these programs which have specific                   Director may conduct an Admissions Exit Interview
vocational objectives.                                         with applicants applying for admission.
The use of textbooks and lab supplies are included in          ADMISSION TO CONTINUING EDUCATION
the program tuition cost.                                      COURSES
                                                               There are no prerequisite educational requirements
Certificates of Completion are awarded to students             for admission into Continuing Education Courses.
upon      meeting    the    Program     Graduation
Requirements.                                                  SCHEDULING POLICIES & PROCEDURES
                                                               For students enrolled in a Comprehensive Training
CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES                                   Program, the minimum attendance schedule consists
Individuals whose objectives in pursuing training              of 12 hours per week.
include personal enrichment or career enhancement              For students taking Continuing Education courses,
are encouraged to enroll in one or more Continuing             the minimum attendance schedule is 2 hours per
Education Course. The focus of this training is                week.
primarily for students who wish to learn specific skills
or who already possess specific job skills and they            ENROLLMENT PERIODS
want to expand or enhance those skills.             All        Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc. semesters for
Continuing Education Courses are offered during the            Comprehensive Training Programs are defined as 18
hours of operation. The use of textbooks and lab               weeks, consisting of three (3) six (6) week terms
supplies are included in the tuition cost of each              (grading periods). Students will be scheduled into
course.                                                        the appropriate courses for their Program of study
                                                               each term.

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SEMESTER CREDIT HOURS                                           TRANSFER OF CREDIT FROM ANOTHER
Career Quest Learning Centers defines one                       INSTITUTION
semester credit hour as equivalent to a minimum of              Previously earned academic credit is evaluated on a
15 clock hours of lecture, 30 clock hours of                    course by-course basis.         Students may transfer
laboratory, or 45 clock hours of externship (work-              credits from other accredited post-secondary public
based) instruction.                                             or private institutions which are recognized by the
                                                                United States Department of Education. Admission
TRANSFER OF CREDIT BETWEEN PROGRAMS                             and transfer of credit will be based upon an
Students at Career Quest Learning Center may                    evaluation of the academic transcript by the campus
transfer to a different program within the institution. A       Executive Director or designee. Credit for courses
$100 registration fee will apply. Students must                 with a final grade of “B” (3.0 GPA) or better may be
complete an Application for Program Transfer. The               accepted under the following conditions:
Executive Director, Registrar and Financial Aid                       A Request to Evaluate Prior Academic
Director must sign this form prior to approval. Once                      Credit must be completed by the student
approved, the Admissions Representative will                              prior to commencing classes.
complete a new Enrollment Agreement with the                          Credit must have been awarded within the
student.                                                                  past three (3) years.
                                                                      There is comparability in the nature, content
Students will receive full credit for any required                        and level of credit earned to the appropriate
course(s) in the new program that were completed                          and applicable course and program offered
successfully in the previous program. The student                         by the institution.
must pay any additional tuition required as a result of               An unofficial transcript and course
the transfer.                                                             descriptions     documentation       must    be
                                                                          furnished by the student from the
If the student has completed or withdrawn from the                        educational institution previously attended
Learning Center and wishes to enroll in a new                             with this request for prior academic credit
program, the student will be treated as a new                             evaluation.
enrollment.                                                           An official transcript is required before credit
                                                                          will be accepted.
TRANSFER BETWEEN MORNING, AFTERNOON &                                 The official transcript must be received
EVENING SESSIONS                                                          within six (6) weeks of enrollment date.
Students may transfer between morning, afternoon
                                                                      Transfer students will be informed of the
and evening sessions in the same program if
extenuating circumstances require the transfer. This                      amount of credit which will transfer prior to
may include changes in work hours, to resolve child                       their enrollment, if possible, but at the latest
care problems or similar issues. The student must                         prior to the end of their first academic term in
submit a written request to the Executive Director                        which they are enrolled.
requesting the transfer. The request must explain the                 A course competency examination may be
circumstances requiring the transfer. Transfer may
only occur at the beginning of the next term.                             required.
                                                                      Students may transfer in up to 50% of the
ADVANCED STANDING                                                         course requirements for the program.
If students have previous experience in the subject                   A $25 per credit charge will be assessed to
areas included in one of the Comprehensive Training                       the student for outside course credits
Programs, they may be able to achieve “Advanced                           accepted by the institution.
Standing” in that subject area. “Advanced Standing”
is achieved by earning a grade of 80% or better on
                                                                Students who wish to re-enter Career Quest Learning
the examination(s) for the course.        “Advanced
                                                                Center after having, voluntarily or involuntarily,
Standing” examinations are closed-book. There is a
                                                                withdrawn for any reason from their program of study
$50.00 “Advanced Standing” administration fee for
                                                                may do so with Executive Director approval. Tuition
each course.      Professional Development is not
                                                                will be assessed proportionally based on previous
subject to “Advanced Standing”. Students are still
                                                                credit earned. Re-entry students will be responsible
required to meet the program’s graduation
                                                                for any additional tuition resulting from a tuition
requirements and complete elective courses to
                                                                increase whether such increase was announced prior
replace all “Advanced Standing” credits received. In
                                                                to or after the withdrawal date. Any prior balances or
all cases, students will be required to pay for the
                                                                financial obligations to the school must be cleared
credits earned through “Advanced Standing”
                                                                before the student will be permitted to re-enter.
                                                                Subsequent withdrawal and re-entry will only be
                                                                permitted upon written appeal and approval from the
                                                                Executive Director. A $100 Registration Fee applies
                                                            3                                             Vol. 1 / Edition 34

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