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					                                        Highburton    C.E. (C) First School
June 2012                                                                                    Newsletter No. 198

We are now in our final half term after a busy year. We still have many events over the next few weeks and we
cannot, at this moment, celebrate weather! Please bear with us if we have to chop and change some outdoor
activities. In this newsletter there are one or two items to make the hotter days in school more pleasant for the
children should we get any!

As a school we warmly welcome new children and families. We had our new entrant parents meeting on Tuesday and
it was a pleasure for staff, governors and PTA representatives to meet them. We gave presentations on reading,
phonics and starting school as well as the usual day-to-day routines.

Music Festival
Congratulations to Year 5 and those children who participated in the musical groups who preformed at the Town
Hall last week. It was a very long day but the evening event was fantastic. Well done.

Moving on
Nest week will start our moving on sessions where children meet their new teachers and spend time in their new
classrooms. These are the classes we will have in September 2012:
                         Reception      Miss Dale
                         Year One       Miss Hufton
                         Year Two       Mrs Scargill
                         Year Three Mrs Illingworth
                         Year Four      Mrs Davies/Mrs Wilks (job share)
                         Year Five      Mr Booth
Outdoor Play
There are times this term when we will have hot weather (hopefully). We have to think about the welfare of the
children at playtimes and also in warm classrooms. Headgear is useful at playtimes as well as during outdoor PE
lessons. If your child has a cap to protect them from the sun could you please make sure it is named. Our policy and
that of local schools is for parents to apply suncream before the start of the school day. These days there are
many products for sun protection which can be put on in the morning and last throughout the day. You may also
prefer to send your child with thin clothing to cover arms. Children are encouraged to spend time in the shade and
should the weather be very hot we would bring the children indoors. We will encourage children to be ‘sun smart.
We also encourage all children to drink water on a regular basis – there are water fountains in all of the cloakroom
areas but for practical reasons children miss lessons if they’re waiting in a queue for a drink at the end of
playtime. It is much easier if children bring their own named water bottle to school every morning. The best for
storage are 500ml water bottles or small plastic bottles. These are kept together, usually on the shared area
worktops for the children to help themselves. At the end of the school day the children can take them home.
Please do not send your child with fizzy water, juice or flavoured water.

By the Rainbow
You may have noticed a large blank canvas by the rainbow. For their trip Year Two are going to the Sculpture Park.
With help from one of our governors, Mrs Coulson, Year Two are going to produce a mural in the style of Joan
Miro. Please keep watching the developments – if you haven’t noticed it now, you certainly will when it is finished!

We’re Listening
Last week a group of parents met with some governors. They met to discuss the effectiveness of some aspects of
communication between home and school and offered suggestions we may wish to consider to make improvements.
It was a very productive and enjoyable discussion. Many thanks to those parents who were able to come along. The
points for discussion were: (i)Curriculum Information sheets, (ii)reading diaries, (iii)communicating targets at
parents’ evenings and our (iv)school website.
As a staff we will be spending time thinking of ways to improve these areas and meeting the needs of parents. The
parent forum came up with some excellent ideas and I am sure parents will benefit next term. Briefly
improvements will focus on:
   (i)     We are going to include greater detail in curriculum information and possibly consider half-termly if
           they will fit the topics
    (ii)   Reading diaries are proving successful and feedback has been very encouraging. We do look at diaries
           across the school and we are working towards greater consistency between classes.
    (iii)  This aspect will be thought through in September 2012
    (iv)   Mr Booth is responsible for ICT in school, including our website. He will be working on this in the near
Thank you once again. The governors are hoping that this will be a more frequent event. I am pleased that we are
seeing effective partnerships developing in our school so that we can all work together effectively. Thank you.

Mr Booth
Mr and Mrs Booth became proud parents to Arthur Jack. We all wish the family well.

PTA News
The winners of the ‘100 Club’ for May and June are: -
1st D and M Rattigan           30            1st Sam Holmes            17
2nd Kathryn Jolly              19            2nd Joel Kenyon          22
3rd Sharon Travers             38            3rd Tina Parker          28
Balls were picked by Sapphire Kaye and Seb Littlewood in Year 3. Please collect your ‘winnings’ from the Office.

Thank you all for a lovely Jubilee Celebration afternoon. We were lucky with the weather. We just hope the
weather will stay fine for the Summer Fayre this weekend.

Forthcoming Events
Summer Fun Day is on Saturday 23rd June 2 – 4 pm.       Sports Afternoon 9th July/Reserve 10th July 1.45/2pm

Reception Class News

                           Reception class outdoor learning in their new waterproofs
Thank you to all of our parents for the continued positive support, encouragement and contributions to our school
improvement this term. It is a strength of our school that we can all work together as a team. I would also like to
give a huge thank you to all of the staff and governors in school who are fantastic! Our school is fortunate to have
such wonderful groups of people. Thank you to the whole school community.
                                                                                             Michelle Barstow

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