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					Plants that repels mosquitoes & other insects

Grow these plants in your garden to repel mosquitoes or insects. It is safe, non toxin, some can also be
used for cooking & add some nice decor to your home. Certain plants have the ability to repel different
types of insects and science is starting to prove some of this as fact.

Citronella Grass / Lemon Grass / Serai

Citronella oil comes from this plant. It is commonly used as commercial insect repellent. It also has many
other uses including being used in household disinfectants, as a fragrance in soaps and is popular in
aromatherapy. Easy to grow. Also widely used in asian cooking. It also has many other uses including
being used in household disinfectants, as a fragrance in soaps and is popular in aromatherapy. Citronella
grass is a perennial that is native to Southeast Asia. It can be grown here in the United States just about
anywhere but will usually die off during the winter unless you live in USDA climate zones 10-12.
Citronella grass grows best in full sun, requires lots of water and can grow 5-6 ft tall.


Rosmarinus officinalis is an aromatic evergreen sub-shrub that is used in culinary seasonings and herbal
remedies. It is commonly known to repel fleas and mosquitoes. . Rosemary grows best in hardiness
zones 7 to 10 prefers full sun and dry rocky well drained soil. It is a large plant that can reach heights of
6 feet.


A member of the mint family this culinary herb is not only wonderful to cook with but it makes a decent
repellent of mosquitoes and flies.


This beautiful plant has many uses in aromatherapy, herbal remedies and repelling unwanted insects
including spiders, ants and moths. As a herbal remedy it can alleviate the pain and itching associated
with all types of insect bites including mosquitoes. Lavender is typically used as a essential oil but can be
used as fresh or dried cuttings.


Commonly called the mosquito plant and is sold as a repellent. . One problem with this geranium is that
it is poisonous so like pennyroyal is not recommended for those with pets or young kids.

Lemon Thyme

Now here is one of your best bets when it comes to plants that repel mosquitoes. In a study done by the
University of Guelph in Ontario they found that the crusted leaves of lemon thyme (Thymus X
citriodorus) had 62% of the repellency of DEET which is the most common compound used in
commercial insect repellents.

Here is yet another herb that has the benefit of repelling some of our most annoying pests. It is not only
known to repel flies but cabbage moths and black flea beetles as well.

Happy planting for a safer home.....

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